1. C

    2nd deposit for DPT school

    Hi everyone, Does anyone know if PT schools have a final decision day or a second deposit due? I currently have multiple deposits paid and haven’t decided where I want to go yet and I’m wondering if I can wait a little longer to make a decision or if I have time.
  2. bubble21

    Possibly dumb question about deposit

    Really sorry if this is a an obvious question but: Recently, I was lucky to get an acceptance at a DO school. I am incredibly grateful for this of course, but there is still a good portion of time left in the cycle, and there are a few schools I am still holding out for. The acceptance requires...
  3. L

    West Virginia University DPT Class of 2022

    Hey everyone! I have recently been accepted into and submitted my deposit for the DPT program at WVU. I just wanted to see if anyone else has been accepted and plans on attending. I would love to chat with some future classmates! Hope to hear back from you guys soon :)
  4. G

    PCO salus deposit extension

    hello, I was recently accepted to salus and my top choice(ICO) invited me to fill out my supplemental which I’m sure they’ll invite me for an interview. My question is, would salus give me an extension on the deposit due date? I want to interview at ICO before I make my final decision.
  5. A

    Holding Multiple Seats? Is it safe?

    Alright, I'm a d-bag. I'll admit it. But in all seriousness, I've been fortunate enough to get acceptances from multiple schools. Going into this process, I had my top choice. But just last week I interviewed at a school and I really liked it. Now, I'm not so sure about the top choice. I was...
  6. F

    Double deposit extension

    Hello! Anyone have experience with getting an extension on the double deposit deadline? I have deposits on two schools, and the school that I prefer is requiring that I re-take one of my classes before matriculation. I did pretty badly on the class the first time around, and honestly it's been...
  7. H

    TUCOM CA vs Touro Nevada

    Question answered.
  8. H

    Deposit Extension or Expedited Review Possible?

    Question answered.
  9. D

    I’m becoming suspicious about my acceptance letter...

    So I had received a letter in the mail with a Gannon University envelope address, a letter with the GU letterhead, and another document indicating what they have on file for me prerequisite wise. They give a link to type in and go pay the 500 dollar deposit. I attempted to pay twice with a...
  10. T

    When is the latest date I can give up my seat?

    I have paid deposits at two schools. When is the latest date I can give up my seat at on school?
  11. C

    SUNY Opt

    Hey guys! I had just sent in my deposit for a couple of days. I was wondering do SUNY email you to let you know that they got your deposit? I was just curious whether they send you any more correspondents after you give your deposit or that doesn't happen till next spring? Thanks!!
  12. B

    No Deposit to Hold Spot...Affecting Acceptances?

    I've been told that schools deciding to not make students pay a deposit to hold their spot is a fairly new thing. I've also heard rumors from people that this might be screwing up some schools acceptances. For instance, I know of an applicant who is currently holding onto 6 acceptances so far...
  13. M

    TUCOM-CA Questions

    Hi guys, I just received an interview invite from TUCOM-CA and I have a couple questions. I've heard that you have an acceptance decision 2 weeks after your interview and then after this you have 2 weeks to put down a $2,000 deposit to hold your spot. I'm wondering if this is still true. This is...
  14. O

    Accepted to LECOM - Seton Hill Class of 2020 PBL should I go?

    Hey guys I was accepted in LECOM of Seton Hill's PBL program and am struggling with the decision on whether or not to go and send in my 1500 acceptance deposit. It is my only interview and acceptance so far. My stats are 3.4 gpa at top 10 university in California, 28 mcat, tons of research...