UCB vs UCSD premed


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Mar 24, 2016
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I've read many, many posts across the internet comparing the two, but I wanted to hear more recent opinions. I've been accepted into both as a Psych major.

How is competition at the two schools? Some say UCSD's more chill, others say it's more cutthroat, surprisingly.
What are recommended opportunities at each, such as specific clubs/ hospitals with best experiences?
How's the general atmosphere and social life at each school? I've heard Berkeley is very hipster but everyone could find a niche there, and that UCSD isn't socially dead if the "right" friends are made. Any opinions?

And just any advice for each school? Like what class combos not to take, things you wish you had done?

Answering any of these questions is much appreciated!!

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I don't get any financial aid, nor did I get any scholarships :( But as an in-state student, the cost for either school is basically the same, so that's not really a factor for me.