UK undergrad degree when applying for US vet schools?

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Jan 5, 2011
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I found my perfect undergrad school, but it's in England. If I graduate from there with a bachelors degree, can I apply to US vet schools? Anyone done it? Did you just get the degree evaluated before applying?

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Canada/United States is a little more compatible, but as an international student with Canadian credits applying to American schools I can say that a lot of vet schools require that your pre-reqs have to been completed at an American institution. Some are more flexible, but it's definitely on a school-by-school basis. So I would definitely keep that in mind if you're considering a foreign degree and applying to U.S. schools.

I would check with schools that you're interested in now and figure out which ones do not require American credits for pre-reqs. Then I would work closely with them to make sure the classes you take in England are compatible. You would most likely have to get your transcripts "translated" through a service when you apply.