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Mar 6, 2005
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Anyone have the skinny on the UMass program?
It's been a few years since I interviewed there, but here are my thoughts.

A "no-call" system. Initially I thought this was a horrible idea - no leaving early, no post-call days off - but in retrospect (and being in a fellowship program where you admit every day and only admitting 3 or 4 patients in a day is a massive win), I think it's a very interesting and forward-thinking plan. Basically, every team admits every day in a rotating fashion. There is a "long call" team who stays until the NF team shows up.

It's the only game in town...lots of good pathology.

Very supportive PD.

Y'all ever been to Worcester? I'm very familiar with Central/Western Mass and actually like the area. But when asked what people @ UMass do for fun, the answer was "Boston is 2 hours away." "But what is there to do in town?" "Boston is 2 hours away."

Not particularly well known outside of the area if prestige is an issue for you.

Overall, it was a program I initially blew off but ended up thinking much more highly of after seeing more programs.

As to the question about fellowship matches...there's not much on their website, but


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Apr 8, 2007
Boston is actually only 45-50 minutes away (depending how fast you drive!) and some residents/students choose to live in Boston. Apparently the commute is not too terrible since it is a reverse commute and the traffic tends to be going the other way.