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Sep 22, 2015
Hey guys, i really messed up freshman year and got a 3.0, ended up with 17 credits of Bs, 3 credits of B-, and 2 credits of C+. Second semester sophomore year i got my act together and got a 3.7, and now i'm shooting for a 3.9 (I'm a junior). Although my science GPA is going to be around a 3.3-3.4 if i continue like this, my Dental prereq gpa is going to be around a 3.56. I used to be a bio major/math and a lot of the classes I got Bs in aren't Dental prerequisites. My question is: Will they view my science GPA more or my prereq GPA? Do I have a shot to go to UM? I'm out of state, and I plan to get a 22-23 on the DAT (I hope, of course no promises) My sister is currently working on her Ph.D in Chemistry at UM, will that help at all? Thanks guys.