1. AhmedJ

    I will be your tutor for USMLE Step 1 and Step 2 CK exams

    About me: I took my USMLE Step 1 exam in December 2021 and scored 260 in that exam (>92 percentile). I utilized many leading questions banks to prepare for Step 1 exam, including but not limited to UWorld, Amboss, USMLE-RX, Kaplan, and NBME self-assessments. This gives me an immense...
  2. T

    New TPR qbank

    Anyone have first hand experience with the new TPR qbank? I saw another recent post that someone who works for TPR will be trying it out since it's brand new. I'm a retaker and completed uWorld both in 2021 and 2022 and know that BP's qbank is not good. Aiming to see new questions/perspectives...
  3. I

    COMQuest, Vs TrueLearn (COMBANK), Vs UWorld dillema

    Hello - OMS-2 here, only taking COMPLEX level 1 in 40 days. Only done with 25% of Q from COMQuest and UWorld as of now, so can't finish both Qbank by the test date. And done 10 % of TrueLearn (COMBANK) Personally feel the actual Qs on Level 1 are more similar to the COMQuest than UWorld...
  4. WaxEarplugsFTW

    How do you get better at Uworld?

    I'm 30% done with UWORLD and I haven't gotten any better. It's not that I'm not reviewing.... But it's more like just about every UWorld Question tests concepts that is rarely tested again.....so far in my 30% completion. So how is it that anyone can improve UWorld scores if each question is a...
  5. M

    TBR and/or UWorld for MCAT prep

    I have TBR books and am planning to follow their 3 phase plan for B/B and C/P content review. I was planning on completing UWorld following TBR and then lastly completing AAMC materials. Since TBR contains a lot of passage based questions (more than UW, I think), is doing UWorld in addition...
  6. premed.mom

    MCAT study plan, when to use world, online course, etc.

    I am taking my MCAT next summer, I plan on applying in 2023, I will also be in school full time until the summer, and I am taking a longer than normal time to study because I have ADHD, and I know I will need it. I just bought the 12-month blueprint online course. Am also looking at Uworld...
  7. cman06

    Step 3 qbank, stats and ccs sale

    Hey all, just finished with step. I have the qbank for sale. The qbank is expiring but can be renewed for much cheaper since it ends 9/29. The stats is until 10/22 and I didn't use either available tests so those are there. It also has a reset in the qbank that's unused. Ccs also available on...
  8. Y

    Anki flashcards with the entire Uworld question's vignette: Is this a good strategy for me?

    Hi everyone! I need some advice regarding making anki flashcards with UWorld information. I've tried reading explanations and making only a few flashcards, but that didn't work well for me because I felt I needed more context. Tried to make a small summary of the vignette of the front and...
  9. avalonisland888

    UWorld Clarifications

    1) On UWorld, it says dNTP cleavage is exergonic but phosphodiester bond formation is endergonic. I thought bond formation is exergonic since energy is released whereas cleavage is endergonic since energy needs to be put in? Unless this is the only exception? 2) Increasing carbon-oxygen bond...
  10. avalonisland888

    UWorld Gen Chem Question

    One of the questions asks how to titrate sebacic acid and the answer is to dissolve it in a base and then use acid to titrate. I'm just wondering...why do we dissolve in a base if it's an acid? For all titration questions, do we always dissolve in the opposite solution e.g. if we wanted to...
  11. Neuro Spartan D.O.

    When to start doing Uworld? (+ Uworld tips)

    Hi! So my plan for the MCAT was to use TBR + Kaplan for content review and Uworld as my main question bank. I hope to get through Uword so I want to start asap but my concern is how much content review do I need to get done before I start Uworld? Is there a certain way to limit the Uworld...
  12. slowthai

    UWorld 2x vs UWorld 1x + other Qbanks

    Can we attempt to settle this once and for all? Lol. One side believes in seeing as many new questions as possible. The other believes in just sticking to the one, gold standard resource, which is UWorld, obviously. I have seen many off the charts scores from both groups. UWorld 2x Pros...
  13. D

    CBSE vs UWorld (posted in the wrong subgroup I think..?)

    Posted this in the "Dental Residents" subthread, but am not sure if that was the right place to do so. Wanted to get some friendly convo going so figured I'd post it on this subthread as well! Hey everyone! So were about 3 months out from the CBSE, and I just had a few questions with regards...
  14. D

    CBSE vs UWorld

    Hey everyone! So were about 3 months out from the CBSE, and I just had a few questions with regards to UWorld vs CBSE. Just curious, but for those that broke 70 on CBSE, what percentages were you getting on random UWorld blocks? I'm just curious if those correlate at all as a way to judge how...
  15. F

    USMLE Step 3 UWorld sale (CCS + Biostats only)

    Screenshot attached. CCS and Biostats with renew options. Both expire January 2020. $40 OBO.
  16. Piglet2020

    Good resources for step prep

    So I already bought first aid, uworld, pathoma, and sketchy. I also downloaded Zanki. Has anyone heard of usmle rx? What about other resources?
  17. C


  18. 1

    Step 2 CK Uworld

    Hi guys, I took my step 1 about 4 months ago and I scored a 240, I'm pretty happy with it. But I'm facing a massive challenge with CK, no matter what I do I cannot get my uworld score to improve, I am currently getting a 60% overall. I'm done with 34 blocks. Pretty devastated. Please lemme know...
  19. V

    Uworld frustrations

    I’m near the completion (about 300 left) of uworld on 1st. I’m a dental student taking cbse in August for omfs. Very frustrated my scores a still kinda of scattered some day I’m getting 70s other times 50s and just now finished a block with 47%. I’m doing them random and test mode. Anybody...
  20. C

    Selling UWorld STEP1 Qbank 180-days + Form 1 & 2 (2-weeks each)

    Selling UWorld STEP1 Subscription: Qbank 180-days + Form 1 & 2 (2-weeks each). Must be activated by April 3rd 2019. Value: $399. Selling for $250 or best offer.
  21. insocrat

    2 Weeks out from Step 1 - Advice

    Hi all, I'm currently 8 points away from my goal after NBME 18 with 2 weeks to go. I've got 19, UWSA1 and UWSA2 left. I also have a sizable amount of UW questions left. I was wondering whether to ditch Anki (aside from my UW deck) to free up more time to do UW and work on specific weak areas...
  22. MissRibeye

    When to Incorporate Qbanks in my Study Plan

    I am a *very*-nontrad of 37 looking to apply next cycle but take my MCAT mid to late July of 2020 (a little late) but giving myself 6 weeks of focused time. I want to set myself up for success, so I am working on studying for my MCAT during my prereqs by kicking butt in my pre-reqs and finding a...
  23. T

    Uworld MCAT

    does anyone know if there are any Uworld extensions still available for MCAT?
  24. Itsnotludwigs

    CBSE advice for OMFS residency

    I am currently trying to formulate some sort of study plan/schedule for tackling the CBSE, but it seems quite thoroughly overwhelming. There are so many study resources and so little time with which we, as dental students, actually have to study this material. I see my med school friends...
  25. O

    USMLE Only UWorld without First Aid

    Is there anyone who did not study First Aid and just studied from Uworld. I have my exam in 3 weeks and have just done Uworld. I read the explanation somewhat. What are your views. I was never comfortable with First Aid. So should I start studying First Aid now?
  26. D

    Should I say screw it and just take Step 1 now?

    I'm scheduled to take Step 1 on Feb 11th, but I'm wondering if it's even worth it to study until then. I'm going to finish UWorld first pass in the next few days with a 72%. I took USMLE 19 about 2 weeks ago and scored a 236 (before any dedicated study). I'm not interested in any of the...
  27. magalicious


    Greetings, I have a simple request... 1. Fill out the poll about UWorld above. 2. Post on this thread if you have any comments about your specific school and how they manage this. I'm trying to pitch to my deans to help cover the cost of UWorld, but I'd like to get some data first. I'm...
  28. D


  29. doctorstrangerthingz

    Clinical Vignette type practice questions

    Hi all, My school is system based curriculum and I was looking for practice questions to do after finishing a body system that are clinical vignette type. I'm still an M1 so is it too early to use UWorld? Any other good sources to use? Thanks!
  30. T

    For Sale Selling Uworld STEP1 Qbank for 20% off

    I have an unused group buy code that gives you access to the following: -UWorld for STEP1 180 day subscription (and a reset) -Self Assessment Form 1+2 -Biostatistics Review The price listed on the UWorld website is $379 for the Qbank and $25 for the Biostatistics review. I’m looking to sell...
  31. C

    UWorld STEP1 SIM 1 & 2 Exams for STEP 2

    Hey y'all! I never got around to doing the UWorld STEP1 SIM 1 & SIM 2 exams when I was preparing for Step 1 (still did great on that beast, so am grateful it all worked out), but I paid for them and still have them (never activated them), so now that I'm prepping for STEP 2, and since it's...
  32. T

    AMBOSS resource

    Hey guys, This is my first post since like pre-med. Wow things really do change (Im in rotations now!). Anyways I am on my psych rotation and i came across this resource called AMBOSS that I really like! I wanted to ask for those who are using it, is it possible to forego other textbooks for...
  33. C

    Study Partner wanted in Chicago, IL

    Hello, I was looking for a study partner in Chicago, IL. I am an IMG and planning on taking the Step 1 in October and wanted someone to study with. Maybe we can quiz each other, do questions and review them and discuss topics each of us are having trouble with. I also work a part-time job so I'd...
  34. B

    BOTH [FOR SALE!] 1) STEP 2 CK UW Subscription & 2) Kaplan STEP 2 CK Subscription

    TL;DR - Selling a UW STEP 2 CK question bank for $250, and a Kaplan STEP 2 CK qbank (includes included for free if you purchase the UWorld Qbank OR $25 if you only want the Kaplan qbank. Read below for more details! Both of these were purchased for me as unexpected gifts after I had already...
  35. K

    STEP 1 Advice Needed! Doctors in Training vs. USMLERx vs. Boards and Beyond

    Advice Needed! Doctors in Training vs. USMLERx vs. Boards and Beyond for STEP 1 I'm an IMG from India, and I'm prepping for Step 1. I kind of feel lost and overwhelmed with so many resources available and I'm getting confused as what to use. I would like to go into OBGyn, so I'd like to score...
  36. P

    ISO Step 2 Group Order

    Hi! I’m wondering if anyone’s school is going to be making a group order for step 2 Uworld CK qbank soon that I could be added to? Or does anyone have a Uworld step 2 subscription with a reset? Please PM me! Thanks!!!
  37. medlife2017

    60 day uworld subscription

  38. J

    Uworld Full time Atlanta EST (skype/in person)SP-step 2CK

    Looking for SP to meet in person in atlanta or on skype. Would prefer either gender. I am on Eastern Standard Time. Meet daily to complete a first review of uworld questions and help motivate each other. Please PM me your skype ID or message me for my number to coordinate study times. At least...
  39. shco1992

    USMLE NMBE scores vs USWA are very different, where do I stand?

    There is a BIG difference between my NBMEs and UWSAs and my test is in 4 days...Thoughts? 12/22/17 NBME 15-167- pre-dedicated 2/28/18 NBME 16-180- pre-dedicated 3/13/18 NBME 17-182 -beginning of dedicated 4/15/18 NBME 13-205 5/2/18 UWSA1 -241 5/11/18 NBME 19-198 5/22/18 UWSA2 - 239 UWorld...
  40. J

    Step 2 Ck SP EST-Uworld questions all day!

    Hi I am looking for anyone who is willing to spend all day doing uworld questions. Preferably someone available at least 4 hours to cover 1 block per day. The way I have been studying is reading questions discussing reasoning behind answer choices and then alternately taking turns reading them...