Waitlist, stats, ect.

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Apr 14, 2005
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I'm planning on applying to my in-state medical schools this summer, and I wanted to try and get a feel for what the general cut-off might be as far as scores with respect to getting interviewed, wait-listed, accept, etc. Anyone who is currently wait-listed, or wait-listed in the past and got in, at their respective in-state medical school, I would love to hear from you. Also, if you felt like you had relatively low scores, yet got in, please share your experience and what you think made the difference in your situation. I know there will be quite a variation from state to state, and the experiences from all you all-stars that have been wait-listed at Harvard and Hopkins probably won't be pertinent to us average applicants. I understand this is somewhat personal information, so if you feel like sharing great, if not....no big deal.

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27/3.8 and accepted to MCW (and a few DOs) and waitlisted at VCU and MCG. I think the difference is with your clinical experience and applying early.
3.75/35 rejected pre-interview to OHSU (instate)

stats mean crap
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28/3.7 (3.4 SGPA) Got into FSU with sub-par stats.

Stats do indeed mean crap. Get all your stuff in early, write a kick-a$$ personal statement. Show your passion for medicine via the PS and your XC's. Go into the interview with a legitimate desire to attend that particular medical school. Also, be strategic in applying to schools. Don't apply to Harvard if you've never done research and don't want to do research (i.e. me). Don't apply to FSU if you have no intention of ever seeing a patient during your career. Look at the AMCAS website for schools where your stats and your major are comprable.
TUHopeful, What state are you from...just curious
29/3.3- They are right, stats do help, but certainly are not everything. Accepted-MU, waitlisted-WVU, MCG.-- I went back to school for a career change. Volunteered in a trauma center, worked as a medical assistant, and now do research. Make sure to choose which schools will cater to your interest (i.e. clinical vs research) and to those you apply. Good luck!
I think that stats are a much smaller part of the application than (other) SDN threads would otherwise suggest. I'm 3.4/32 and I am going to Stanford. I'll admit I might have a few things on my app that stand out, but it is certainly not my numbers. Applying early however, IS very important.
And don't count on getting into your in-state school, no matter where it is. (Unless you HAVE to stay in your state for personal reasons)