MD & DO WAMC and MCAT help, thank you!

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Jun 7, 2018
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Your cGPA could be better but your sGPA is seriously lacking. Impossible to say what your chances are without your MCAT and if you're URM/ORM.
Hi everyone, I'm new to SDN and created my account specifically to get input on what you think my chances are for medical school! Here are my stats.

I graduated from UVA, psych major, sociology minor
cGPA: 3.55, sGPA: ~3.21
-my sGPA somewhat inflated because I took a summer physics course at a 4 year university (that is "less prestigious") near home and got an A for I and A- for II.
-sGPA is also low because I got a C in my first semester of chemistry, and a D+ in my first semester of orgo. I retook orgo and only got a B+
-also had a W my first semester of freshman year for calc 1 because I was naive thinking I could handle 17 credits the first semester
-not a strong upward trend because of those low science grades I mentioned up above
-did not take biochem so it puts me at a disadvantage for applying to one of my med schools (VCU)

-financial chair for premed organization for a year, but was active in the org for 2 years
-cultural association for a year
-peer advising group for a year
-participated in a semester long leadership program for female students
-undergraduate research assistant for a 1.5 years in the psychology department (no publications or presentations, but i did take an upper level psychology class where we were required to do a poster presentation for research we did during a semester)
- volunteered my first 3 years of undergrad

-pediatrician for 5 hours and ob/gyn for 15 hours at the UVA hospital. General medicine in a private practice for 15 hours

my credentials aren't amazing so I was wondering what your thoughts are. I am currently doing a gap year, thinking of taking on a scribing position or a clinical research assistant since i don't have direct clinical experience (any suggestions would be helpful). I also plan on taking the MCAT around Jan/Feb to apply for the 2019-2020 cycle, and any tips for studying (like resources, I was leaning towards kaplan or EC since I have some time) and my time frame would be much appreciated.

also I plan to apply to mainly Virginia MD and DO schools because I'm trying to get in state benefits - wanted to know what i should and shouldn't do during my gap year, and what my chances are with certain schools. I know it's hard to tell what schools I am good enough for since I haven't taken my MCAT yet but a ballpark estimate would be nice.

sGpa lethal for M.D., OK for DO.
Impossible to answer without MCAT score beyond that