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  1. L

    WAMC + School List Help? (3.92/518)

    I elected to take two gap years after undergrad because I have no clinical experience and low volunteering due to COVID. I am a Canadian applicant from a top Canadian university, with strong ties to Texas (lmao) as I went to middle and high school there and my whole family lives there. My...
  2. L

    WAMC Canadian, First Time Applicant, Low DAT

    Date of submission: July 1st 2020 Overall GPA: ~3.65 (3.7 by time of graduation) Science GPA: ~ 3.6 (not sure if A&P and statistics count here) Bio-Chem-Physics GPA: ~3.6 (3.7 after retakes) DAT score (include AA and all sections): Bio: 18, GC: 18, TS: 18, RC: 23, PAT: 19, AA: 20 (I'll be taking...
  3. C

    Canadian applicant to USMD tGPA: 3.80, sGPA: 3.70, aoGPA: 3.91, MCAT: 513 - 127/126/129/131

    Any schools to avoid (i.e. schools that are Canadian-friendly, but do NOT ever end up accepting Canadians) based on solid data or anecdotes? Canadian USMD applicants, where have you interviewed and what were your stats? Mine are the following: Currently attending University of Toronto (#1...
  4. 1

    Is there any Canadian Student Attending US Dental School? [Seeking advice for Tuition Loans]

    Hi, I have a question about asking tuition loans for US dental schools as a Canadian citizen. I heard that usually, students ask both the Canadian government and the private banks for getting the loans. However, I have no idea what's the maximum amount that we can get from government loans...
  5. DentTen2804

    Canadian Applicant Feedback (SMP and Post-SMP)

    Hi! I’ve been an SDN reader for a while but wanted to post for some advice. I am a Canadian and my girlfriend and I both hope to get into medical school in the states or in Canada. We are willing to do MD or DO school as they both align with our goals as well! We are aware that we aren’t the...
  6. N

    Would I be a good candidate for an SMP?

    Hi SDN, I'm a Canadian with an AMCAS cGPA of 3.6 and an sGPA of 3.1, neither of which I believe are high enough as an international applicant to US med schools. I understand that most SMP applicants have lower numbers, but would it make sense for me to do an SMP? I contacted Georgetown, my...
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  8. LindaAccepted

    Medical 8 To-Dos for Canadians Applying to U.S. Med Schools

    Each year, Canadian medical school hopefuls look across the border for their medical education. While there are obvious challenges (adapting to a different healthcare system, returning to Canada after med school to a Canadian residency, and much higher costs), the higher acceptance rates at U.S...
  9. T

    Canadian Applicant ~ 3.99/521 ~ Need Advice!

    Hello all! First time applying to the US, not really sure where to apply to but I have some constraints. I'm looking to apply to 3-4 schools and be competitive. Also looking for any general advice or thoughts on my stats. Stats Program: Pharmacology w/ CS minor GPA: 3.99 MCAT: 521...
  10. ialllipfh1607

    Canadian Applicant for US Dental Schools - DAT Scores and GPA Opinions

    Hello everyone !! I just finished up my junior year of undergrad and am looking to apply this upcoming cycle/summer to U.S schools! My cGPA is a 3.81. My November Canadian DAT test scores were 21AA, 23GC, 18 BIO, 18 PAT and 21 RC. I was planning on applying to NYU, BostonU, Tufts...
  11. Lifeisheart7373

    Which Pre Med Major would be the best for someone who's going to start University as a 26 year old ?

    Yes I know, I am 26 year old who will be starting post secondary education soon. I am almost always depressed about it. I will be older than most people in my class who will be in their 18s or 19s. Reason for being a Mature student, is that after dropping out of high school I was depressed, now...
  12. P

    Canadian Applicant - WAMC?? Please help!

    cGPA: 3.85 , sGPA: 3.97 , MCAT1: 500 (3 years ago), MCAT2: 509 , Lots of unique ECs, Currently finishing up MSc I know that my MCAT scores are not the best. I'm a little afraid that it will hold me back. I'm planning to apply to these schools: Wayne State NYMC Howard MSU Central Michigan...
  13. J

    DO School

    Hello everyone! I’m an undergraduate student in Canada, majoring in Biology. I’m really working hard towards getting into DO school in the states. I started off my first year of university, working my ass off and getting poor grades. I’m currently in the second term of my second year, and my...
  14. R

    Cheapest Optometry school for Canadians & Scholarships

    Hi I'm a 4th year Canadian student and I've applied to NECO, ICO, Indiana, and Salus. I've gotten interviews from all schools, and have already attended Salus' interview. I want to know which schools are cheapest for Canadians, and if there is cheaper schools not on my list please list them as...
  15. O

    Canadian Student low GPA

    Dear people of the forum, I am asking for some much needed advice. I have a 3.03 GPA in biochem but I do have a strong upward trend (3.45 and 3.8 in my last 2 semesters), and I still have one semester left. I have a 508 on MCAT I wrote last summer. I am wondering if anyone knows of any...
  16. wolfnscale

    Atlantic Bridge- "Official" What are my chances? (And advice) Thread

    (Not sure if this thread will take, but here's to hoping it catches on and becomes official!) Since applying through AB and being accepted to NUIG, I've seen several students looking for advice and more information on what the chances are of them getting accepted to Irish medical schools. It...
  17. D

    Any Canadians that graduated from Med in Ireland that are currently practicing in the states?

    Hi there, I was wondering if there were any recent success stories from Canadians who graduated from Med school in Ireland and are currently practicing in the USA following the completion of their residency. If you don't mind sharing could you discuss: - Your journey - Additional obstacles you...
  18. R

    Chances at dentistry in the USA/Australia - Canadian student

    I'm a bachelor of science student in my third year of my degree in Alberta, Canada majoring in biology. These are my stats: GPA: 3.704 CDAT: 19 AA 19 BIO 19 CHEM 19 TS 20 RC 16 PAT I've got more than 100 hours of shadowing. I've done a lot of volunteering and for long periods of time, I've...
  19. R

    Took the DAT in February

    I recently took the Canadian DAT in February and got these scores. Reading comp: 20 BIOL: 19 Chem: 19 Sci Total: 19 Academic Average:19 PAT: 16 MDT: 6 This was my second time taking the DAT, based off these scores alone do you think there is any chance I could make it into a Canadian Dental...
  20. reyneer

    Canadian applicant looking into post-bacc programs

    Hey SDN! I am a Canadian MSc. student who is applying to U.S. MD and DO schools this year. Given the disadvantage that Canadians face as out-of-state/international applicants to the U.S., I want to hedge my bets by applying to a post-bacc program. I've read about the linkages that some programs...
  21. L

    Chemistry/Organic Chemistry Requirements

    Hi, I'm a Canadian undergrad student considering both Canadian and US medical schools. I am looking at the course requirements for US medical schools, and the AAMC website states that I need "two years of chemistry (through organic chemistry)". Does this mean that all the two years of my...
  22. S

    MD Chances at an Asutralian med school

    Hey all, im in my last semester of university and planning to write the mcat this summer. Im a canadian student whos looking to apply to australian med schools, namely Melbourne, Sydney, and Queensland. My gpa is well below average (3.0) and i needed some help figuring out what my chances are...
  23. S

    MD & DO Canadian 3.6GPA 514 MCAT chances?

    Hi, Canadian here, I'm currently in 4th year of undergraduate honors neuroscience. How competitive am I as an international applicant for MD and DO? Is it worth it to apply to MD at all? GPA 3.6-3.7 with progression of 3.85, 3.65, 3.94, 3.3-3.4. Are fluctuations detrimental to applications...
  24. Ms. Anon

    What would be the best schools for Canadians to apply to?

    Hi guys I'll be applying to schools hopefully this summers and I'd also like to apply to the states. I'd like to maximize my chances by picking schools which are more open to accepting international students/Canadians. Any recommendations on which schools would be the best?? Money is not an...
  25. D

    CaRMS process for an IMG is unfair despite how it looks

    As a fellow Canadian Citizen who is born and raised in Canada. The system to comeback into a residency is extremely difficult. The next little bit will outline the grotesque nature of the system and how convoluted and unfair it is towards IMGs despite their BS guidelines. Get some popcorn...
  26. N

    Where Should I Apply?

  27. M

    Experience being in medical school as a first generation university student

    I'm wondering if anyone is comfortable sharing their experience as a first generation university student in medical school, particularly in Canada? Even in undergrad, I still get subtle the feeling of being an "other" which can be really uncomfortable and I'm curious as to whether this gets...
  28. L

    Guelph OVC c/o 2022

    Just wanted to start a thread here for Guelph's OVC DVM c/o 2022 hopefuls !
  29. S


    Hey everyone I have a question about the organic chemistry requirement. Most universities require organic chemistry 1 and 2 with each having a lab component. I am doing my undergrad at UBC and we only have one organic chem course (CHEM 233) worth 3 credits and an organic lab (CHEM 235) worth 1...
  30. F

    practise in canada!!

    hello, can an international dentist practise in canada after clearing the NDEB exam? i mean do you get license to practise right away or is it that you have to join a dental school like how it is in USA? and also what is the scope and possibility of getting a PR and job opportunity after that...
  31. N

    Canadian applying to american dental schools

    Hi guys, I'm a Canadian citizen and I'm going to be writing my Canadian DAT in November. I'm applying to Canadian and American schools (only the ones which say they accept Canadian DAT). However, the Canadian DAT is different from the American since it does not contain an organic chemistry...
  32. B

    Canadian Applying to States

    Hi there, I'm narrowing down my list of schools to apply to. I'm a Candian applying to states DO schools (possibly MD schools,) Ireland RCSI, and St.Georges in Grenada. I have a 503 MCAT but my GPA is on the lower end due to my first two years... cGPA of 2.9 (its an increasing trend Frist year...
  33. O

    Canadian Pre-dental applying to US schools

    Hi everyone, I'm new to this whole pre-dental business as I just decided to pursue dentistry recently. I was just wondering how most US dental schools look at Canadian university courses to see if they are accepted as prerequisites. I go to University of British Columbia and some general...
  34. M

    DO Canadian non-trad, 2nd-bac

    I have two undergrad degrees, and I did poorly in my first one but did reasonably well in my second degree. Because I have so many credits, additional courses will do little to up my GPA, and I'm a little bit older too (30), so I'm slightly wary of doing a graduate degree. Would it be worth it...
  35. A

    Need Advise (low cGPA, high sGPA, high MCAT)

    Hey guys. First time poster and looking for some realistic advise. I'm a non-trad Canadian applicant. Did a Bachelor's Degree in Accounting in 2012 and hated it. Low GPA (around 3.0). After much shadowing and lots of research of career in medicine, I have decided to pursue medicine. Now that I...
  36. F

    Canadian, 3.83 GPA, 37 MCAT, WAMC?

    Hey guys and gals, I'm looking for any advice you have for a Canadian Applicant! cGPA and sGPA both 3.83 MCAT 37, percentile equivalent to ~519 on the new MCAT (wrote in 2014, have not written the new one. I know, I know) Clinical Volunteering 250 hours volunteering as a medical scribe 30...
  37. TherealnorthOMFS

    Should I retake the DAT and when?

    I have written the canadian DAT- TS20, AA 19, PAT 22 and I plan on retaking the DAT but the american one. I am currently extremely busy with summer school up until June 26 and don't think i'll be fully ready for a mid-late july DAT. So i'm thinking of pushing it to early augst, around august 10...
  38. G

    Canadian applying to US- help with schools list?

    Hey! Thanks so much for reading. I'm a first-time Canadian applicant trying to figure out a schools list for the US- my main concerns are my ECs/lack of hospital-related experience and extremely limited shadowing (~10-12 hours). I'd like to narrow down my list to ~10 schools. Anyone have any...
  39. MD95

    MD 3.65 sGPA/cGPA 504 MCAT re-applicant WAMC?

    Hey guys, I'm currently on the waitlist at my top school of choice (also happens to be the only place I interviewed at), but am also preparing for the 2018 cycle in case I don't get pulled off the waitlist. I sent out my application rather late last cycle (secondaries sent out in...
  40. K

    MD & DO Very low GPA, decent MCAT, Canadian