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Nov 8, 2017
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  1. Pre-Medical
Year in school: Senior (applying next cycle, some hours are projected based on current and past trends)
Country/state of residence: Wyoming
GPA: 3.87 cGPA, 3.82 sGPA. Physiology major, minors in chemistry and molecular biology. Large state school. GPA majorly brought down by a C in a dual-enrollment trig class my sophomore year of HS. Only C on transcript.
MCAT: 520 (129/131/130/130)
Research: 1500 hours in a neural lab that studies conversion of experiences to long-term memory. One first author pub in a low-impact journal, one sixth author pub in a higher impact, two poster presentations.
Clinical Volunteering:
  • Volunteer at local free clinic helping get patients' weight, vitals, etc: 500 hours
  • Student hospital clerk volunteer and patient helper: 200 hrs
Physician shadowing:
  • 100 hours family medicine, 50 hours internal medicine, 50 hrs dermatologist. 200 hrs total.
Non-clinical volunteering:
  • Volunteer at my city's animal shelter and my college town's animal shelter since freshman year of HS. Only counting college hours, about 600 hours here.
  • Volunteer at Interfaith Good Samaritan, helping run the food pantry to provide services to those in need, as well as run the soup kitchen. 600 hours here as well.
  • School-organized service organization. Worked to run student organizations and assist with on-campus events. (100 hrs)
Extracurricular activities:
  • President of the pre-med club
  • Senator for student government, substantial time commitment. Done all four years, named outstanding first-year senator and then two years later outstanding senator of the year. Worked to promote LGBT-inclusive policies, including establishment of a fund to help those seeking a name-change.
  • Worked on a special project through student government to build a large greenhouse that provided free, organic, healthy fruits and veggies to local food banks and food pantries, as well as hungry students. I managed it for much of its life, but it later became too big a thing for one already busy student and it was handed over to the Botany department.
Employment history:
  • Hospital scribe, paid: 250 hrs (part-time one summer)
  • CNA, paid. 250 hours. (Part-time a different summer.)
Specialty of interest: No idea, keeping options open.
Graduate degrees: None
School list: Harvard, Hopkins, NYU, Cornell, Penn, Columbia, Stanford, Mayo-MN, Pritzker, Feinberg, Sinai, Case, Emory, Brown, Cincinnati, Rochester, UWashington, Colorado, Boston U, Franklin, EVMS, Einstein, Tufts, OHSU, Vandy. Still in flux.
Interest in rural health: No thanks.
Thanks for the input! I'm a white male if that helps.
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