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    WAMC/School List Help 4.0/514

    Hey all! Thanks for stopping by. Looking to apply to about 25 schools. I am feeling lost regarding where I should apply and would appreciate any recommendations/advice. I am looking for OOS friendly schools, I have no close family elsewhere so justifying to OOS unfriendly schools will be...
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    School List Help!!

    Date of submission: Hoping for Mid-June Undergrad CGPA: 3.07 Undergrad Science GPA: 2.7 Master's GPA: 3.429 (Biomedical Sciences with thesis) DAT score (including AA and all sections): 1st attempt: PAT: 19, QR: 20, RC: 24, Bio:19, GC: 20, Orgo: 16, TS: 18, AA: 20 2nd attempt: PAT: 18, QR: 30...
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    School List Help: 3.98 GPA , 509 MCAT, Good ECs

    hey guys, this is my first time on Sdn and would greatly appreciate any advice building a school list For some background info: cGPA and sGPA as calculated by AMCAS or AACOMAS: 3.98 cGPA / 4.0 sGPA current MCAT score and breakdown 509(128/123/129/129), will be retaking on May 26th *CARS was my...
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    WAMC/School List Help 3.97/524/OK ORM

    Hi everyone! I'm a graduating senior applying this upcoming cycle. I'd like to get some feedback on my application and suggestions for schools that I should apply to, as well as ideas on what to do for my gap year if you have any. cGPA and sGPA as calculated by AMCAS or AACOMAS: 3.97 cGPA...
  5. misotope

    WAMC 3.91/520, California ORM

    Thank you!
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    MD WAMC/School List Help

  7. F

    WAMC/School List Advice: Sincerely, an overachieving pre-med

    Good evening my fellow pre-med (and possibly med) friends! I would absolutely LOVE and appreciate any advice on my school list for the upcoming cycle. Disclaimer: I was a massive overachiever in undergrad (graduated 2021), so I am having to combine a lot of my experiences into one umbrella...
  8. B

    WAMC/School List Help 3.80 cGPA, 508 MCAT ORM

    Hey guys, I am going to apply for this upcoming cycle and I have a strong interest in primary care/family medicine. Also, I'm applying to MD + DO and I was wondering WAMC for this cycle? I don't have a ton of clinical hours and my MCAT is not great for MD. cGPA 3.80, sGPA 3.82 (strong upward...
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    School List Help Please!! 3.73/ MCAT 520

    Looking for help on a school list please! I'm interested in primary care, possibly rural or underserved communities. Info cGPA 3.73, sGPA 3.7 from Top5 Undergrad known for grade deflation. MCAT 520 Male, white Took one gap year during Covid and will take one gap year post graduation. Some...
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    School List Help 3.89cGPA 511 MCAT ORM

    cGPA 3.891 sGPA 3.848 MCAT 511 Michigan Resident ORM Undergrad— top public state school Clinical MA in cardiology office 400 hours projected CNA for 6 months 400 hours Volunteer at free clinic 80 hours projected Patient sitter 100 hours Shadowing Rheumatologist— in process— 50 hours...
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    [Updated] Need Help Making A School List and Improving My App

    Update: I replied below with updated hours and a new roadblock concerning my letters of rec. Any guidance is greatly appreciated! Hi all, I was looking for help making a school list for when I apply in May. I am also wondering what parts of my app are weak and need some more work in the months...
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    WAMC/School List Help

    Date of submission: next cycle 2023 MD or MD/PhD: MD/PhD Overall GPA: 3.97 Science GPA: 4.00 MCAT: 524 State of Residence: NJ Undergrad Attended: T15 Major: Biochemistry and Computer Science + Math Minority? ORM, LGBT SES? Low-income, Pell grant, FAP Reapplicant? No Nontrad? 2 gap years...
  13. S

    School list help PLEASE (514, 3.91, ORM, F)

    Info Brown Asian female PA resident Temple University cGPA: 3.91, sGPA: 3.87 ECs 1000+ research hours (2 posters, working on a first author manuscript) 200 shadowing hours ~500 hrs as an MA 100 hrs as a virtual scribe 60 hrs crisis text line volunteer 150 hrs hospital volunteer 30 hrs hospice...
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    School list help: OR ORM 3.47 cGPA, 3.36 sGPA, 512 MCAT

    1.) cGPA and sGPA as calculated by AMCAS or AACOMAS cGPA 3.47 Freshman: 3.05 Sophomore: 3.56 Junior: 3.60 Senior: 3.25 [Curse you COVID] Post-bacc: 3.92 (36 credits) sGPA 3.36 Freshman: 2.60 Sophomore: 3.46 Junior: 3.60 Senior: 3.17 Post-bacc 3.88 2.) MCAT score(s) and breakdown: 512 (128...
  17. A

    School List Help 3.77cGPA, 520 MCAT

    Hey guys, I really need help building a well rounded school list for this app cycle. Here's my abridged story: Graduated UG in 2019 with 2 degrees (BFA and BS), 3.77cGPA and then worked for 2 years (2 jobs in the medical field: 1 as a med tech for a large hospital, the other as a death...
  18. M

    Need Help Making a List of possible Med Schools

    Hi all! I’m a rising senior (one semester left) needing some help making up a list of medical schools -AA female -cgpa: 3.5 -sgpa: 3.2 -mcat: not sure when I’m taking it yet -B.A Biology -Africana studies minor -President of my university’s Black Student Alliance (biggest political org...
  19. lionsfan13

    WAMC + School List Help - 3.99/524 ORM - mediocre ECs/yield protection?

  20. K

    MD & DO MD/DO School List (3.6 cGPA, 511)

    Hello! Thank you to everyone who is able to take the time to make recommendations and give any advice. I appreciate all the valuable help/support! My cGPA is 3.6 sGPA is 3.3 (with upward trend) MCAT 511 White Attended state school Clinical - volunteer: ~50 (projected 250) Clinical - paid...
  21. P

    WAMC, ORM, 3.8(sgpa: 3.587)/510, School List

    I would appreciate any and all advice, the more realistic the better, especially on the school list. Not applying DO because I don't have any LoR from doctors. cGPA: 3.81and sGPA of 3.587 (non-STEM major, lowest science grade is a B in calc 3, without the B, sGPA 3.64) MCAT: 510, 78th...
  22. deus_dominus

    School list help!! (MD ORM, cGPA 3.89, sGPA 3.86, 511 MCAT)

    Hi guys!! I am making this post to get help with making my school list as I get ready to apply for this upcoming cycle! Any feedback on my school list or what I should do for my application would be amazing. Thanks in advance!!! Stats/Background State: Maryland, ORM (AA), graduating senior...
  23. HalJordann

    School list help/advice 3.93 cGPA, 3.87 sGPA, 511 MCAT, CA ORM

    Hi SDN, I am making this post with the primary intention of helping with my school list for the next cycle. Any feedback on my school list or application would be great. Thank you all in advance! Stats and Background CA, ORM, graduated from small private school in SoCal cGPA=3.93 sGPA=3.87...
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    Help With School List (CA/ORM)

    Hello everyone! This is my first post and I'm hoping to get some feedback on my school list. Here are some information: GPA: 3.96 Science GPA: 3.97 UC Berkeley First Gen Immigrant/ College Student, Disadvantaged Status (Low income, Pell Grants) MCAT: 523 (131/129/131/132) Clinical Volunteering...
  26. F

    School List Feedback

    Hi everyone! :) I'm a first time applicant (new to SDN) and wanted to ask for some input on my school list before I finalize it/put it into AMCAS. Here's some info about me: -Home state = AZ -GPAs (total and science) ~3.75 -MCAT = 519 -ECs: 350 hrs cancer research (no pubs) 8000 hrs as an ER...
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    Reposted under WAMC

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    WAMC, please? URIM, 3.83/3.89, 509?

    Edits: tried to make it clear and concise! Hey guys, I'm pretty new to online forums and feel like a floundering fish looking at medical school lists. My prehealth advisor is also super swamped as many many advisors left recently, so I haven't heard back and I can't schedule a meeting...
  29. love_of_lox

    WAMC/list development; Reapplicant, 518, 3.81 cGPA, 3.70 sGPA, OR

    Hello! In addition to an assessment of my chances, I would really, really appreciate any information on unspoken preferences/recommendations, e.g. very community service-oriented, research-heavy, very social justice-focused, draws heavily from its own undergrads, etc. Other information: Not...
  30. N

    MD School List Help 3.89/(506+509)/NY/White with emphasis on MD

    Hello, I would very much appreciate some help deciding my school list, my information is as follows: 1. sGPA is 3.88 and cGPA is 3.89 2. two MCAT scores i. 506 (129/124/127/126) - 2020 ii. 509 (125/127/129/128) - 2021 3. Currently a resident of New York 4. "White", Middle...
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    WAMC & School List Help (3.98 GPA, 515 MCAT)

    Please don't quote this message! I'm a reapplicant looking for some advice on my application and school list. Additional hours/activities since my last application and schools that I applied to previously are bolded. cGPA: 3.99, sGPA: 3.98 MCAT: 515 MN, white Clinical experiences (these are...
  32. M

    MD 3.8/520 WAMC/School List Help

    Hi everyone, was hoping I could get some help with a school list!
  33. A

    3.98/524/VA/ORM. School List Help/WAMC

    Hi guys! I wanted to share my stats and list to see if anyone had advice on what high-tiers to drop and what low/mid tiers to add (the list is very long and ambitious so would appreciate any input!) MCAT: 524 (132, 130, 130, 132) cGPA: 3.98 sGPA: 3.99 ORM; VA resident Research: around 1500 in...
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    MD & DO WAMC/School List Help - low GPA, decent MCAT

    Hey everyone, I'll be applying both MD/DO this cycle as a first-time applicant, and I'm hoping to narrow my list down to around 40 schools (which sounds wild, but I know with my GPA I need to be applying pretty broadly). I have a pretty general school list put together right now, but I'd love...
  35. B

    Reapplying :(

    Hi everyone. I am a 2020 grad who is currently on 4 MD WL (CWRU, BU, and 2 of my state schools). At this point I am coming to terms with the fact that I will probably have to reapply so I need some advice. My c/sGPA was 3.95 and MCAT 521. All that I have added during my gap year is 2000...
  36. L

    MD Help me decide school list. gpa 3.97 mcat 524

    Hey everyone, thanks for taking the time to read this! Any input would be awesome. Unsure how well I chose these schools (feel like it could be too top heavy, but unsure). Any recommendations would be sweet! State: CA Ties: Undergrad in Michigan URM: AA Male Year: Graduate Spring 2022...
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    MD 3.7/515/NC/ORM. Reapplicant School List Help

    Hi everyone! I'm anticipating having to reapply the next cycle and I would greatly appreciate advice on a school list (I'm so overwhelmed by all the factors). I graduated from a decent state school (2019) and already took a gap year before applying the first time (2020), so I'll have taken 2...
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    WAMC: School list

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    school list help

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