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Jul 16, 2016
Hey everyone,

I'd appreciate a bit of feedback on what schools I should apply to, or if I should apply at all next cycle. A little background-- I am a a rising junior, and have an IA which resulted in a withdraw on my transcript (which counts as an F would in a GPA). It was for giving someone else my clicker freshman year. I learned a lot from my experience and reevaluated life/turned it around afterwards. Any feedback is welcome! Thank you in advance.

-3.69 cGPA, ~3.65 sGPA (will hopefully get higher after next year, upward trend)
-515 MCAT (this is what I've been getting on practice tests, so projected)
-work as a TA, ~1600 hours
-research assistant, 700 hrs, 4 poster publications so far and another in the works
-research assistant at a different lab, 500 hrs, 2 posters and a manuscript publication
-healthcare volunteer at a local hospital
-leadership positions in various extracurriculars, two of which I am very passionate about and spend an extensive amount of time for
-over 500 hrs volunteering (clinical and non-clinical), ~100 shadowing
-interesting experiences include doing research on why some populations are underserved (some clinical work involved like taking vitals, etc.) through interviews-- this research turned into the manuscript I listed above-- and being a TA at an inner-city school while still in undergrad.