DO What DO Schools are my best bet?

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Apr 25, 2016
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I'll get right to it.

MCAT:505 on the 2015. but I made a 23 on the old one my first attempt when I took it kind of cold. I had to study for the GRE and that derailed my MCAT studies (I had already registered and then had a change of plan to go to grad school first).

Undergrad cGPA=3.56, sGPA=3.78

Graduate cGPA=3.97, sGPA=4.0

5 DO's for 50 hours total, I feel like I got good quality experiences out of this and have seen a variety of osteopathic specialties and treatments
2 MD's for 40 hours total

LOR: 1 DO, 1MD, 3 Professors (1- Neurobiology as a grad and Molecular Biology as undergrad, 1-graduate immunology, 1-Graduate Neuromuscular and Advanced Exercise Physiology as well as my graduate mentor/ Graduate research assistant supervisor)

ER: 90 hours
Endoscopy Unit: 15 hours
ICU: 30 hours so far (ongoing)

Internship at Cardiopulmonary Rehab where I took patient vitals, placed electrodes, a care for patients through their therapy. 70 Hours

**Hired as a medical scribe in a peds office and will start this summer. Will have at least 2 months experience before I apply.

Non-clinical Exp:
Member of exercise science club
relay for life volunteer multiple times
special olympics volunteer multiple times
Mission trip work
coached a childrens soccer team

Graduate Research Assistant - paid research experience in skeletal muscle function with age.
Graduate thesis work that used molecular biology techniques such as RT-PCR
undergrad research assistant
Multiple Research Grants
Poster Presentation as a co-author

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You should be competitive for most DO schools but apply early in June and broadly to at least 10 schools
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