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  1. T

    Application help

    If my mom went to some college at a community college but never graduated with an associate's or bachelor's degree, am I considered a first-generation college student? Thank you!
  2. V

    MD & DO Doubting My Chances..

    I'm going to make this as short as possible. Starting to have the unsure feeling in my gut of my future in medicine. 100% okay with DO schools at this point. Applying the 2019 cycle EARLY. Here is my resume: GPA: cGPA: 3.55 - sGPA: 3.23 (=/) - MCAT: 505 Shadowing: 150 hours ER (DO & MD), 25...
  3. farmmd

    DO schools that do not require a LOR from DO/MD

    Hello, I wanted to create a comprehensive and updated list on osteopathic schools that do not require a LOR specifically from a DO/MD. When I was applying, I had to go through each schools websites and find out myself. So here is the list I have so far for this application cycle (2018-2019)...
  4. L

    DO School Applicant Help

    Howdy! (as we say here at Texas A&M) I am currently a second-year college student and will be graduating a year early (in May of 2019) with a degree in health humanities, and minors in English and public health from A&M. I will be finishing up my pre-reqs for DO school post-bacc in the year...
  5. joshmygosh

    How OMT-minded is your school?

    [This is my first post on SDN. Hi! I'm Josh!] I'm really wanting to go to a school that is heavily focused on osteopathic manipulation and philosophy. I did see another post about this from 2015 by Dohnut, but I'm looking for more specific data. If you're currently/previously a student at an...
  6. S

    MD & DO SMP? Post-Bac? or Regular Masters?

    I am new to the SDN community so bare with me if this is not the right thread to post this in. I am currently a junior at a big state university with a cGPA of 2.85 and sGPA of 2.5. I know, this is atrocious but my grades are a reflection of difficulties adjusting to college from freshman year...
  7. UnchartedWaffle94

    DO Recommend OOS DO schools that are friendly to CA-residents w/ low GPA, avg MCAT

    Applying for the cycle of 2018 matriculation! My stats/demographics: Degree from a private California school: BA in Biology with Spanish minor GPA (both science and cumulative): ~3.1 MCAT: 500 (Chem&Phys: 125, CARS: 123, Bio&Biochem: 125, Psych&Soc: 127) Race: Asian (I know, surprise surprise)...
  8. S

    Help on which DO schools to apply

    I need help on which DO schools to apply. My stats: GPA overall 3.55; Science GPA 3.45, MCAT 508 (128/124/128/128) CAR was the odd man out and I know it is a major cause for concern. Your thoughts are greatly appreciated.
  9. pavingtheroadtoDO

    extra curriculars: am i doing enough?

    I am a scribe for a local hospital. I also am getting my EMT certificate this december. I will also be getting my CNA for another part time job. I volunteer at a hospital in my free time. I have been involved in different organizations such as Habitat for Humanity, Relay for Life, Adopt a...
  10. H

    Help with schools list?? 3.51 cGPA, 3.29 sGPA, 33 MCAT (May 2014)

    Hi All! I am applying to both MD/DO schools this cycle As mentioned above, MCAT is 33, sGPA is 3.29, cGPA is 3.51 I have a variety of extracu.rricular (clinical and non clinical, can be listed if it will help) and I am a resident of California. **I feel its important to note I do not have a...
  11. G

    How hard is it to get into D.O. school with low gpa?

  12. eeeeagle!!

    DO What DO Schools are my best bet?

    I'll get right to it. MCAT:505 on the 2015. but I made a 23 on the old one my first attempt when I took it kind of cold. I had to study for the GRE and that derailed my MCAT studies (I had already registered and then had a change of plan to go to grad school first). Undergrad cGPA=3.56...
  13. Chaotic Harmony

    WAMC/Advice for School List

    CA resident and future re-applicant Stats when I first applied (2014): 3.5 cGPA, 3.43 sGPA (top public university) 28 MCAT (10 P, 9 v, 9 B) I made a mistake and applied mostly to MD schools and only a few DO schools. Did not get any interview invites. Will definitely plan to apply mostly to DO...
  14. H

    3.49 cGPA, 3.21 sGPA, 33 MCAT

    Hi SDN! I need some advice on what to do! Graduated from a top 25 undergrad with a 3.46 cGPA/3.21 sGPA, 33 MCAT. I applied to ~30 MD schools this cycle and its not looking good currently. A little more about my app for reference: - my science GPA is definitely hurt by a few classes: C- in...
  15. mj1988


    Hi SDNers, I have the great fortune of multiple acceptances from BCOM, GA-PCOM, and NYITCOM – AR plus a waitlist at NSUCOM. Which one would you choose and why? I am having issue evaluating my acceptances but what I gave top priority to are 3rd/4th yr rotations, curriculum/board prep, cost...
  16. T

    DO schools

    MA resident. Interested in psychiatry. Here are my stats: -Cumulative GPA: 3.61 -Science GPA: 3.52 (2 W's, retook for A-'s) -MCAT Scores: 10/6/10, 129/124/127/127, [waiting for scores] -Research: 12 months linguistics/cognitive neuroscience, 8 month neuropsych with poster presentation...
  17. B

    DO What are my changes, please help!!?

    Right now I have a cumulative 3.4 gpa and a science gpa of 3.2. I am trying to do 500 volunteer hours to count as extracurricular activities. If I have time I will do more, I couldn't find a research position so that sucks for me. Right now I am senior in college having my last semester so my...
  18. D

    Serious GPA Repair Strategy for DO Acceptance

    Hi all, I really need some advice because I don't understand how the DO sGPA calculations work. For some context: I attended a Top 15 undergraduate university, and I have great leadership, lab research, and shadowing experience. Unfortunately, I let my extracurriculars and social life...