Army What does an Army dentist make?

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Jan 21, 2011
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How much does an Army dentist make? This is for a new Army dentist who just came straight out of dental school.

I'm just starting onto active duty and I was never able to find a clear layout of what an annual salary is for an army dentist for their first year out of dental school. We have recently been given this info, so here it is:

$3912.60 base pay as a Captain
$1666.60 specialty pay (for having an active dental license in any state)
$1650.00 avg basic allowance for housing.(not taxed) This varies a lot from one place to another based on cost of living in the area. you can put in your zip code of your army post into this site and it will tell you exactly what you will get as an 0-3 Captain
$250 avg basic substance (not taxed) also varies slightly from one zip code to another.

Basically if you total these up, that means your annual salary will most likely be between $84,000 to $90,000 or more if you end up in an area with a higher basic allowance for housing.

When you start active duty...

One time payments.
$2800 - dislocation allowance for when you get orders that you have a new permanent change of station. Anytime the army moves you permanently, you will get this pay.

Moving with the Army, you can arrange your moves through your local army office where they will do it for free and pack and move all of your things from your current home to the place you move. Or you can do it yourself, and they will pay you 95% of what it would have cost them to move your stuff (all based on weight of your household goods) and you can potentially make $1,000 or more if you do the move right. You have to set up all moves through

You will also get paid extra for the days of travel to and from BOLC and to your first duty station where they pay you per diem of around $140 a day that you can use toward hotel and food.

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Do you happen to know if there has been any news on the 3yr. Army scholarships ?? Was anyone accepted & are there any left since I heard the number is lower this yr.?
Thanks much
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All of what was said in the OP, plus don't forget all the "hidden benefits" of being in the military: No need to pay for health/dental/malpractice/disability insurance, cheaper gas/groceries on post, tons and tons of places offering military discounts (ie 10% off Home Depot), Space A travel, etc etc..
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Yes, we all join for the discounts ;). I still think you will make more in the civilian world, but you don't go in for the pay. It's still a good living and bonuses are much better than they were. Lastly, keep in mind you can/will be deployed a few times throughout your career.
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Good information. I was always under the impression that only specialists earn specialty pay. Forgot that dentistry is in itself special. Whoops. But a pleasant surprise : p
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If you are a specialist, and you pass your specialty boards, there's an additional pay as well (not much but its something), plus the multi-year retention bonus which is very significant