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Mar 10, 2018
I have been accepted into UTA and UW so far. I am finding it difficult to choose a college. At the moment, I am drawn to the atmosphere and social life at UT, but I am also drawn to the academic rigor and ranking of UW for pre-med. I've heard that UCSD and UW are socially dead? Is that true?

I aim to pursue a degree in Biology or Biomedical Engineering with the pre-med track.

I want some opinions on these colleges.

Criteria (Not in order of importance):


2.Students and environment (cut-throat or not)

3.Classes (difficulty)

4.Turn over rate to medical school

5.Social life

6.The overall atmosphere and location


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Feb 8, 2018
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Seeing as how no one responded to you, I'll bite even though this post is "old" by internet standards.

Amongst these choices, it does not matter where you go to undergrad. Actually, for most choices it doesn't matter unless it's Harvard (and even then that's not the end all be all). Go to the school you'll be happiest at.

As far as UW's rigor: pretty much all of their first year science courses are your traditional weed-out courses. As far as rigor at any other undergrad: as far as sciences courses are concerned it's pretty much the same across the board because they have to teach all the same things. Your competition might be more fierce at higher ranked institutions, but no matter where you go, you'll always have those "easy" professors and those professors who go out of their way to make your life hell.

What are you talking about in terms of UW being "socially dead"? Like there's no social life? UW is a small city unto itself and it's smack dab in the middle of one of the largest, most tech-savvy metropolitan areas in the country. It's also very eco-friendly and tree hugging so there are also plenty of outdoorsy things to do. Seattle also has a vibrant arts and music scene and has in the last few years become a culinary juggernaut.

As an aside, if you're going to keep posting on SDN, you might want to remove that picture of yourself.
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