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  1. Dr.ToBeDetermined

    Post-Bacc Advice: continue formal vs. switch to DIY

    Hello all I need some advice on how to proceed with my premed education (and I just think my premed advisor will be too biased for an honest answer). I am career changer and currently in a post-bacc program that claims to have 90% acceptance rates into medical school, and has plenty of linkage...
  2. abualas

    How much more competitive is it to get into an MD vs DO medical school?

    The question pretty much sums what I'm asking up. From the research I've done, it seems that many students apply to far fewer DO schools than MD schools (e.g. 25 total medical schools applied to, only 5 of which are DO--could also be because there are only 35 DO schools vs 141 MD), they also...
  3. S

    Nontraditional Acceptance Rates?

    Does anyone happen to know an estimate for the acceptance rate of nontraditional applicants? Or is it roughly the same as the acceptance rate as a whole?
  4. tonywonder

    Assess competitiveness of GPR/AEGD programs?

    Is there any info out there to help evaluate the competitiveness among GPR/AEGD programs, re: acceptance rates? I would assume those with fewer eligibility requirements are less competitive, but does anyone have some more insight?
  5. guerrero08

    Waitlist Limbo?

    Hi Guys, I have a question, I am in the waitlist for the University of Maryland Dental School (I.S applicant) for the upcoming cycle. As of now, I have called the admissions office a couple times and they told me that the class is not full but somehow I do not see any waitlist movement lately...
  6. T

    Pre-Dental Student Help!

    Hi everyone! I need some advice: So originally, I planned to apply for Dental school next cycle for 2019 matriculation. However, I just received my first D in Organic Chemistry; and this has somewhat messed up my class schedule. On top of that, I planned to do a research program over the summer...
  7. I

    Acceptance Rates into Post-Baccalaureate (Post-Bacc) Programs

    Hey guys - Does anyone have information regarding acceptance rates into post-bacc programs? I'm seeing recommendations (minimum GPA requirements, etc.), but I'm hoping to gain a better idea of my chance of admission. Thank you!
  8. N

    Dental School Connections

    Since the threads on this are over ten years old I wanted some new advice on this issue. I have some professional connections who work at three dental schools and was wondering the extent that that can help? Do dental schools function based off of connections that aren't just from donors? Such...
  9. B

    University of Maryland Acceptance rate after interview?

    Hey guys! I received my interview from Maryland scheduled for January and I was wondering if anyone knew the acceptance rate for University of Maryland after having your interview? Im not sure how competitive it is for this school to receive an interview. Thank you!
  10. D

    AVMA accredited schools abroad

    Hi guys, As I have graduated from undergrad, I no longer have the advice of my pre health advisor, so please help. I am planning on applying to AVMA accredited schools OUTSIDE the US (I have heard it is a little easier to get in). Does anyone know about the acceptance rates, pre-requisites...
  11. C

    Did horrible in my pre-calc class?

    So, being stupid and a freshman in college with a weak math background I decided to take pre-calc in the summer as a 6 week course and ended up getting a D- in the class. I am obviously going to retake it, and my school has a policy on replacing your grade with whatever new grade you receive...
  12. A

    Chances of getting in???

    Hello! I'm a third year student at McGill. I'm thinking that I want to try for Waterloo for next year so I took my OAT. My gpa is around a 3.81 and these are my OAT scores. QR: 380 RC: 360 Biology: 400 General Chemistry: 400 Organic Chemistry: 360 Physics: 370 TS: 400 AA: 380 What are my...
  13. L

    General Admissions & OTCAS reqs good enough?

    Stats for Washington schools?
  14. Roayer

    3.63 uGPA 514 MCAT

    So I am a rising Senior now and just got my score back today. My uGPA is a 3.63, sGPA is a 3.84. Grade trend is strong upward (got a 2.5 first semester freshman year). Minus this one semester my gpa is a 3.78 uGPA and a 3.93 sGPA. Biochemistry Major with a Liberal Arts degree, graduating in...