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Dec 27, 2015
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Hi Guys,

I have a question, I am in the waitlist for the University of Maryland Dental School (I.S applicant) for the upcoming cycle. As of now, I have called the admissions office a couple times and they told me that the class is not full but somehow I do not see any waitlist movement lately. Also, there s thing when the application cycle opens up again this May and I don't know if I should really for the next cycle knowing that I am in the waitlist, this is so confusing and unexpected. From previous years threads, they said that the deposits were opened in May 1st, but May 1st has passed but I didn't see any movement. For this reason, I would like to know what would you guys suggest to do in this situation, like call them again, ask them how could I be a better applicant in order to improve my chances to be a better applicant, or what to do in this situation. Thank you so much any input is greatly appreciated

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Have you written a strong letter of intent? Have you sent the letter to the program directors? Dean? Your interviewers? Keep reiterating interest. It would also be smart to begin planning for the next cycle should things not work out. I talk about the waitlist in my guide (in signature). GL
If you are still on the waiting list, don't waste your time and apply again. Call and ask what you can improve with the time left
There is a chance for you to be admitted where you were waitlisted, but it may happen after early application time. Sure you can wait, but I wouldn't recommend it. Some people leave deposits at several schools, some don't show up for orientation, some don't show up at the start date, even leave during first few weeks, but it just a few people and I wouldn't count on it