adea aadsas application

  1. banhvicqaz

    AADSAS Question: Should I submit my application early and update my experience section later?

    I qualify for financial aid on my ADEA AADSAS application. However, I would have to submit my application in 4 days, or I would lose the aid. I'm done with everything except for the experience section. I have a lot of ecs, shadow, volunteer, etc that will most likely require more time to be...
  2. G

    Ensuring DAT Retake Score is Official on ADEA AADSAS Application

    I am planning to reapply for dental school this coming June 1st on ADEA AADSAS. I applied last year, 2021, and have been put on the waitlist at two schools. I took the DAT first last May, (5/27/21) and retook the exam this past March (3/21/22). When I entered my DENTPin on my current...
  3. A

    Summer Grad Courses GPA AADSAS

    Hello everyone, I have a uncomp. udergrad gpa 2.7, but did a post-bacc retaking my pre-reqs and got a 4.0. It is my first semester in grad school right now doing a masters in medical sciences and im taking 2 class in the A summer term which end next month, and 2 more classes which end in...
  4. D

    WAMC- low undergrad gpa, ongoing masters

    Date of submission: Mid-June Overall GPA- Undergrad: 3.0 Science GPA- Undergrad: 2.9 Bio-Chem-Physics GPA: 3.3 Masters GPA (ongoing)- 3.6 (will most likely end with a 3.7) DAT score (include AA and all sections): 22AA, 20TS, 22 PAT, 21 GCHEM, 19 BIO, 24 QR, 24 RC, 21 OCHEM State of Residence...
  5. K


    Under the "Check Status" Tab there is an option to download your application that is sent to each school. This is where your final GPA calculation is shown, correct?
  6. T

    Transcript Entry

    Hi, so I entered all of my courses exactly as they appeared on my transcripts. I had my transcripts sent to the ADEA AADSAS as soon as the application opened June 1st. I have since taken a course and completed it. I was wondering if I should resubmit my transcript from that school? I changed the...
  7. D

    Application Submission

    I have already taken the DAT once. I took it last summer in July. I am retaking the DAT at the end of July this year (July 31st, 2017), so I have a competitive application. I know it is recommended to submit the application early, however, I want schools to consider my new DAT scores when I...
  8. E

    Very Low GPA, High DAT. Advice?

  9. A

    Talking about personal health problem in Dental School SOP

    Hello everyone! So I started writing my essay and I talked about a health problem that I have. This health problem truly was one of the important reasons I wanted to get into health sector. Now that I am half way through I started being concerned if this is a bad thing to write in my essay...
  10. M

    E-submit Application

    Okay, you're all going to think I'm stupid because I can't google this but after an hour of googling I give up... Can I e-submit my ADEA AADSAS application without them having received my: 1) Official transcript (it is sent and on it's way as my school has charged me the necessary amount and I...
  11. OnlyIfICouldTurnBackTime

    ADEA Work Experience Section

    As far as I know, ADEA only specified the Extracurricular / Volunteer / Community Service section to be post-college. Can I put work experiences I had or scholarships I received prior to entering college? Thanks in advance for replies.
  12. D

    Failed classes due to illness. Will ADEA AADSAS understand?

    Okay so during freshman year I got struck with an autoimmune disease and was hospitalized the week of finals for about a month and a half. I ended up failing all 3 classes I took that quarter (well, because I didn't take the final), but I returned a year later after I had fully recovered from my...
  13. uhds

    Degree & Major Application Confusion-HELP!!

    *No, I'm not applying this cycle. This is just for future reference, hopefully people who have know more about this can help me out. Hey guys, I am in need of your help! I'm wondering what you guys think as far as how I should categorize this major & degrees dilemma that I have. :bang: My...