amcas 2021

  1. LindaAccepted

    Medical 5 Tips for Submitting Your TMDSAS Secondaries

    When you apply to TMDSAS, you can select from thirteen medical schools in Texas to submit your application to. Twelve of these schools require secondaries. The secondary essays are due when you submit your primary application. You submit these essays directly to the schools, at the same time...
  2. LindaAccepted

    Medical 5 Things You Can Do to Avoid Submitting a Lackluster Med School Application

    Chances are that everyone else applying to your med school program of choice is equally as talented and motivated as you. Finding a way to stand out in that crowded field of applicants is going to be key to admission success. Turning in an average—or even good—application won’t be enough. Your...
  3. isaeed

    One online class for a prerequisite?

    hiya everyone, I hope y'all are staying healthy, happy, and safe! due to the pandemic, i wasn't able to register for physics I lab on time because it got full quickly so i am taking it this semester. i am planning to apply to med school next summer though (2021-2022 cycle), and i want to get my...
  4. D

    Is it worth it to apply this cycle?

    So while I was conflicted about whether or not to apply this cycle, one of my mentors has convinced me to apply. The problem is, I don't know how much this will hurt my cycle chances. I submitted my primary app on July 12th, and my transcript, LOR, MCAT are all good to go. However, I'm worried...
  5. M

    Not disadvantaged, but kinda?

    Hey everyone, I’m applying for the 2021 cycle and when I did my AMCAS app, I selected “no” when asked if i believed I was a disadvantaged student. To my surprise, AAMC designated me as disadvantaged when my app was verified. Although I am a first-generation American born to immigrant...
  6. Zeeeeeon

    AMCAS Help Retroactive Credits

    I took college credit classes through my high school my sophomore and junior year and received retroactive credit for them my senior year along with a grade for my senior class that built off of the classes I took sophomore and junior year. Do any of ya'll have experience inputting this into...
  7. D

    Is it too late for me to apply this application cycle (2021)?

    I haven't been the most diligent about apps and just started working on my primary app May 24th. This was mainly because I'm also currently studying for my MCAT (which I'm taking July 7th). In terms of apps I'm starting with a completely blank slate, meaning no LORs yet and need to write a...
  8. sasukeuchiha33

    AMCAS character count issue is making me bang my head against the wall