anesthesia residency

  1. D

    Looking for CA1/PGY2 Position

    Hey Yall. Looking for any open CA1/PGY2 anesthesia residency position. If anyone knows of anything, please send it my way! I finally decided to come to the other side of the drape! Thanks 🙏🏼
  2. *MD_wannabe*

    2020-2021 Anesthesiology residency app cycle

    Hi guys I haven't seen anything official posted about this so I wanted to start one. If you are like me and can't decide between programs hopefully this helps. Unfortunately, I didn't take a lot of notes on my interviews and now I feel like I got all the programs mixed up and I am having the...
  3. T

    Temple Anesthesiology Residency

    Hi Everyone! Temple anesthesia chief residents here. We wanted to open up a thread to tell you about our program, as well as answer any questions that you may have. Temple University Hospital is a major academic center that performs a wide variety of cases in every surgical discipline...
  4. D

    Gas vs Rads

    I was really trying to get more information to make a decision between either of these two. I am a USMD newer med school; step 1 234, clinical grades have all been pass. I've talked to a PDs who have said that my step score was within range. According to Freida, rads average step scores seem...
  5. A

    Studying for the ITE/BASIC + M5 & TrueLearn discounts

    Hey everyone! I've gotten a lot of questions from the new CA1s in our program [I'm a current CA2] about studying for the ITE & the BASIC as well as general resources out there. We recently secured discounts from M5 & TrueLearn that I'm sure others could benefit from. So, I've written an...
  6. T

    Anesthesia swap Philly for NYC or West Coast

    Available: Current CA-1 in Philly Seeking: CA-1 for west coast or NYC
  7. M

    Reputation of anesthesiology program

    I am applying for a residency spot in anesthesia for the 2017 match. I was speaking to another applicant at an interview who talked to me about a program at which I had interviewed that I really liked. He said that he was also very impressed with the program, but was not going to rank it highly...
  8. abolt18

    U of AZ in Tucson?

    Can anyone shed some light on this program? I'm trying to decide if I want to attend the interview or not and I just can't find much about the program outside of what's on their website. A few considerations: I've only been invited to one prelim year interview which makes me WAY more hesitant...
  9. W

    Best book for intern year (baby miller vs the new baby barash)

    I am trying to pick a first book to read during intern year. I am looking for a good basic book that is easy to read. I want something that will be good preparation for the ITE and give me a head start going in to CA1 year. From reading other threads it looks like baby miller might fit that...
  10. envirodoc

    Anesthesia Blogs

    Hey Everyone - just wanted to share a resource with you all and hopefully prompt some social media sharing. How many people out there blog or write regularly on a social media platform about Anesthesiology? or about any aspect of medicine? I did a conference presentation on the Anesthesia...
  11. J

    Looking to speak to Canadian Anesthesiologists for a story about addiction

    I'm a Vancouver-based reporter working on a story about addiction among anesthesiologists for a major publication. I'd really like to interview Canadian anesthesiologists working or still in training. I understand it's a sensitive topic, but I'd really appreciate information from someone...
  12. G

    Away Rotations/Chicago Residency Programs

    I wanted to get an opinion on Chicago Anesthesiology Residency programs? I've read some interesting things about NW and UChicago but wanted to see if there were any recent changes to the programs. Also wanted to get applicants/recent matched applicants' opinions on away rotations. A little...