1. F


    After three years of applying, I didn't think I would be having to choose from my acceptances, so not a bad problem to have, but I was hoping to gain some insight from you guys about the hardest, most life-altering decision of my life. I have made a pros and cons list for both schools: ARCOM...
  2. C

    LECOM-Bradenton vs ARCOM

    I have been fortunate enough to be accepted into two schools, ARCOM and LECOM-Bradenton; however I am having trouble deciding which one to attend. I am from Florida and hope to practice in Florida in the future; however, I really love ARCOM as a school better and I feel like this school would...
  3. ---> Dr.<--


    I got accepted into both programs and am having a really hard time deciding which one I should choose. I had an amazing experience at the interview with ARCOM but with them being such a new program it’s a tough call. I know the Dean who established dcom is also the dean at arcom so that is a...
  4. Deathbenotproud

    NYIT Jonesboro vs. ARCOM

    ARCOM: 43K tuition Northwest Arkansas Mandatory Attendance Recorded lectures-but from my understanding not posted for 2 days post? State support-is it really much different at NYIT? Academies: During orientation week, students are assigned to one of ten Academies. Students will remain in...
  5. R

    ARCOM vs NYIT-Jonesboro

    I was hoping someone could help me run through pros and cons of these two programs! Please and thank you :)
  6. M


    So, I was just accepted off the waitlist at NYIT-Arkansas (Arkansas COM) and was wondering if I should stick with the school I had originally decided on, AZCOM, or should go with this newer program. The school is brand new, with amazing equipment and on a busy campus as well (which I think is a...