1. Poodles29

    Do I still have a chance?

    A couple years ago I was dismissed from my university for poor grades My GPA at that time was 0.96 I retook a few courses and came back to the University after spending a few semesters at community college. But I'm still struggling to keep up my grades. I've posted a copy of my grades and they...
  2. B

    School List Help - GPA 3.6, MCAT 513 ORM

  3. JACO_2017

    MD Somewhat lost nontrad (Asian) eyeing OHSU MD

    Hey there. I'm a current uni student taking up pre-med (majoring in Life Sciences, minoring in Global Politics), and I was wondering where I could even begin to apply for a med school abroad, particularly OHSU? I'm full Filipino, with relatives in the States (NY, NJ, LA, WA to name a few areas...
  4. daveed2

    3.45 cGPA, 3.4 sGPA, 501 MCAT Asian CA Resident: What DO Schools???

    Hello all, I just received my MCAT score. My stats are: 3.45 cGPA, 3.4 sGPA, 501 MCAT I'm a CA resident, Asian male, Biomedical Engineering. Have ~150 hours of hospital volunteering, two research (no publication), MD shadowing experience, no DO shadowing yet. What are my chances and can you...
  5. lickerwhicker

    *Adversity secondary question? Help!*

  6. manofsteel9

    MD 523 MCAT 3.5 sGPA. Need Your Help with School List PLEASE

    Hello SDN, I am an Asian male attending a top-10 university and will be applying to medical schools this coming cycle after graduation. My GPA is not too hot, but I did do pretty well on the MCAT. I am having a hard time creating a list of schools to apply to due to the large discrepancy...
  7. M

    Would I be considered URM (Mixed)

    Got my answer, thank you!
  8. P

    Is there institutional discrimination in ortho against East Asians?

    At my school, there are 2 East Asian female/1 Indian guy but no East Asian guys in the entire ortho residency cohort. Is there active institutional discrimination against Asian men in ortho? Highly considering doing research in this field next summer, but I'm not sure if it's worth jumping...
  9. K

    Need help compiling a school list for next application cycle

    I'm going to be applying to MD schools next cycle and I wanted some help figuring out which schools I should apply to. I'm having trouble with estimating which schools are reaches and which ones are realistic goals. I feel like my stats are low when you look at the data for Asian applicants, but...
  10. S

    Northwestern Deferral or Withdraw/Reapply to more desired med school

    Hello, This past cycle, I was accepted to both Northwestern and UHawaii Medical School (I am a hawaii resident). While this may seem like an obvious choice for most, I was conflicted between the two because I really wanted to go home after having spent the past 4 years away for undergraduate...
  11. Until2021

    MD & DO cGPA 3.77, sGPA3.74, MCAT 509, CA resident. halp~

  12. I

    Asian stats for MD

    Many people know that it is harder for Asians to get in to medical school. How much of a difference is this in GPA and MCAT compared to different applicants of different ethnicity, specifically in allopathic schools? My GPA will be around 3.5 by the time I graduate and I am aiming around 515...