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Mar 29, 2018
Hey there. I'm a current uni student taking up pre-med (majoring in Life Sciences, minoring in Global Politics), and I was wondering where I could even begin to apply for a med school abroad, particularly OHSU?

I'm full Filipino, with relatives in the States (NY, NJ, LA, WA to name a few areas they live in). Haven't taken the MCAT just yet, and not sure how my Philippine-based QPIs covert into sGPA and cGPA. I'm in my fourth out of five years of uni, but my fifth year is really light, so I was planning to take extra classes for (and then take) a microbiologist licensure/certification exam.

Was just wondering if anyone's got any advice on how I can go about planning? Was also hoping to apply for scholarships. I've started scoping out review materials for a 2019 MCAT (because I'm focusing on the local version aka NMAT for 2018), and from my professors' feedback so far, I'm pretty active in ECs but not so much on volunteer work since that isn't too popular here.

Been reading through this forum but haven't found advice that particularly applies to my situation, so any nudge in the right direction is highly appreciated. Thank you so much!


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Nov 4, 2011
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OHSU interviewed zero international students last year.

Your grades from the Philippines will not appear in the primary application.

In order to evaluate your candidacy in any of the other states listed, buy the MSAR and find schools that matriculated at least 3 international students.
Many of them require at least 90 units in the US for consideration.

Funding for international students is scarce and varies by school and year.

"In 2014, 1,901 foreign applicants applied to M.D.-granting programs in the United States and 409 of those applicants were accepted. Of those accepted, 300 matriculated into medical school."
Applying to Medical School as an International Applicant
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