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Chelsea FC

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May 21, 2013
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Hi all, I have been searching the internet and haven't really found anything that fits my situation exactly. Sorry this will be long...

So my background is mixed. I am 3/4 Asian Indian and 1/4 Puerto Rican (one of my grandparents is Puerto Rican). I have always checked the Asian and Hispanic boxes when available. Also, I would consider myself SES disadvantaged as both my parents did not complete HS, our household income is under 20K, I started working at 15, I grew up in rural India (this was something that has really sculpted who I am today, but was one of the largest challenges in my life), graduated from an HS that is filled with low-income students (we didn't have lots of tax money and opportunity but I was thankful for whatever the gov gave us), immediate family member got diagnosed with cancer recently, family has been on SNAP and Medicaid.

Culturally I heavily associate with being Indian due to my grandmother leaving behind a lot of what makes her Puerto Rican when she married my grandpa. However, I attended a predominantly Hispanic high school in the U.S. after being raised in India and really started embracing my inner Hispanic (most of my friends were hispanic/volunteered to help latin american countries with them/ learned a little spanish) as everyone thought it was cool that I was a mix whereas in India ppl were just mean cause I looked a little different than my cousins/family.

In college, I tried to volunteer at a health care clinic to help undocumented and underserved Hispanic population. However, due to not being a fluent Spanish speaker...they didn't want me. :(

But, I found another way to help the community by founding an org that works with predominantly Hispanic high schools where I tutor and TA labs each week. I also teach health workshops at several predominantly minority HS's (You'd be surprised how many kids end up graduating without proper health Ed).

I personally was very conflicted when asking this question, as I attend pre-med Latino events on campus, have taken advice from Latino-specific advisors and have always considered myself to be Indian (Go bollywood!) and Latino. Being considered URM would be a + for sure, but at the same time my GPA is a 3.96 and I'm seeing a 508+ MCAT (based on practice) so even being ORM wouldn't completely inhibit me from getting in; I was just hoping I'd be considered URM due the adversities I've had to overcome + my Hispanic blood and commitment to having more of the Hispanic community succeed and pursue higher Ed.

I will be checking the Asian (Indian) and Hispanic (Puerto Rican) boxes on AMCAS as I've done so far. Just wanted to know what Adcom's will designate me as, and I know many might suggest me not mentioning being Asian at all but I just don't have the guts tell such a big lie as being Indian is a big part my life as well.

First of all being URM is not some cookie given to people who had a tough life. It's about representation. The world sees you as Indian and you see yourself as Indian as well do you really think you can represent a group whom don't see you as one of them and neither do you??? Also your childhood has nothing to do with URM. Also a economically challenging childhood has it's own box to tick which is called being of low SES (socioeconomic status ).

I wouldn't put down that you're URM because this would hurt more than help you. And going to a school that is predominantly Hispanic doesn't mean you have that culture as well. My advice is don't do it, it would sink your app at alot of places that think your gaming the system (which is what i got from reading your post as well)especially like you don't see yourself as PR.
A part of my family is from PR and I spend alot of time over there. They are some of the proudest people of their culture I know because of their wierd situation with the United states and I don't think it would go over well if one of them saw something like what you explained
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Mad Jack

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Jul 27, 2013
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Eh, I think it's more likely to do serious harm than help you if you use the URM designation. Reminds me of the time this kid put Hispanic so they conducted the entire interview in Spanish- often if you claim to have tenuous ties to a community, they will be probed a bit to see if you're gaming or not.
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