1. A

    Question about LOR for VSAS

    Hello! I've recently applied through VSAS to aways that opened April 1. I'm currently waiting on my LORs to be uploaded by my home institution, but I only need to have one letter for completion. Is it better to have any LOR uploaded as earlier as possible vs. waiting on a specific letter that...
  2. J

    Best IR rotations in the USA

    Hello, I am a Canadian medical student interested in applying for a 1 month rotation in the US in IR. I don't know much about US radiology programs, so I was hoping to find some help here. I am VERY interested in interventional oncology, so I'll ask my question in 2 parts: - what are the...
  3. M

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  4. B

    Applying for away rotations- the nitty gritty

    So I'm in the process of choosing which programs I want to do my away rotations at (still deciding between ortho and ENT). Some programs I would like to go to have already began accepting applications through VSAS, while others won't begin accepting apps until March. My fear is that if I wait...
  5. D

    Do Dermatology away rotations require Letters of Rec to apply?

    Very simple question but I can't seem to find an answer. I am trying to schedule my home dermatology rotation and would like to know how late I can do so based on the possibility of needing a letter from them for my away rotation. Thanks so much!
  6. D

    Do dermatology aways require letters of recommendation?

    Hey all, pretty straight forward question that I can't find the answer to. Any advice about Dermatology aways and when to schedule them would be great as well. Thanks so much!
  7. G

    Anesthesia Away Rotation Guide for Medical Students

    This is a guide for anesthesiology away rotations for medical students, a specific topic that frequently shows up in SDN and reddit threads. It is a collection of frequently asked questions that have been answered previously on SDN. I wrote this in service to future medical students interested...
  8. T

    Columbia away acceptance September?

    Hi. Anyone received anything from Columbia for month of September? I need to start to look for backups if so... Also along that topic, anyone know where I can apply to for aways last minute? Thanks!
  9. toastytoes

    White Coats at Aways --- Boston students, please help!

    Hello! I am doing an away rotation next month at Massachusetts General in their children's hospital. I just realized my white coat has all sorts of stains on it that I can't show up to an away wearing, so I need a new one. Question is, do med students actually wear their white coats at Mass...
  10. A

    Does being denied an away rotation harm your chances of matching?

    I applied to do aways at a relatively well respected residency program in the midwest in a number of fields relating to IM (pulm, hem-onc, general, cardio). I was denied entry into any of the dates I selected, even though I applied very quickly after the VSAS opened. I was pretty surprised...
  11. Y

    surgery away rotations

    I am a 3rd year medical student in a US MD program (mid tier med school). Currently doing my surgery rotation and I am starting to really like it. I need advice on what away rotations to apply to. My step 1 is a 227 and I have a 7 publications with 3 as first authors. With a mediocre step score...
  12. surely

    Aways in Texas that *won't* help me?

    As someone with no ties to Texas, are there any TX Aways that are unlikely to help me get my foot in the door at other TX programs? i.e. are there TX programs that other TX programs take less seriously for some reason? For instance, some programs that have been getting strong reviews on SDN...
  13. scruffy821

    When your school releases your VSAS application late...

    Sad warning to my fellow M3s applying for aways: At my med school, we have to email our registrar's office every time we submit a VSAS application to ask them to release it. I applied for one of rotations the minute that VSAS opened and listed two dates for that elective -- emailed my school...
  14. A

    Applying for away rotations with no home program

    Haven't seen this exact topic posted in a while. I'm an MD student currently finishing up third year and applying for 2 aways in August and September, after Step 2 in July. I don't have a home program and am trying to figure out if I should be applying for a third away. I got a 226 on Step and...