1. BaDing

    Are there any medical schools to avoid?

    Hello, I am applying and wondering if there are any MD or DO schools that should be avoided in any of your opinions? And why? I know new schools are risky - are there any exceptions this year? Sorry, I keep searching for this and can’t find any threads on it. I understand this will be largely...
  2. Franzliszt1

    Bad news

    Dear SDN, This week has come with some bad news. I realized that 1) Due to financial constraints I will be able to apply to max 9 schools. FAP not an option. 2) My cGPA will appear a full point lower than I thought. My school transcript says 3.6, but because I have so many A+s in my last...
  3. N

    Do schools typically overlook a bad freshman year?

    Do you think schools overlook a bad freshman year? I’ve been on a strong upward trend since but the highest I’ll be able to get my oGPA to is a 3.3 by the end of this semester. I started with a 2.3.
  4. A

    Anyone unsatisfied with mcat results after studying?

    Have any of yall studied hard for MCAT but did not receive a good score or the score you were aiming for? What did you think went wrong or what would you do differently if you could study for it again? Im taking mine in a few months and im about to start studying for it, and I want to try to get...
  5. A

    Abysmally low sGPA — What should I do?

    Hi all, I'm a 21 year old senior at an accredited university in Puerto Rico. After much indecisiveness, I've set my eyes on studying medicine in the U.S. However, for the past three years, I've managed to pass most of my classes (I'm an Anthropology major) with little to none study habits and...
  6. M

    How are my chances...LOW DAT SCORE HELP!!!

    Hey everyone, I took the DAT exam today and scored lower than i thought I would..... anyways I made a 17/16/21/21/18/19 (PAT/QR/RC/Bio/Gchem/Ochem) I thought I would do a lot better on the Ochem section but I ran out of time... anyways so in summary: 19 AA 19TS 17PAT, 3.44 sGPA, 3.63 oGPA, 120...
  7. K

    C in chemistry A in chem lab

    I have a 3.6* gpa and I'm taking the FIRST CHEM CLASS I just got a 76 on the first test and I have a 90 in the lab. Is this a disaster?
  8. Jay_Tito

    Very worried. Could I get your opinion on my stats thus far?

    Hey there So I just finished out my freshman year with the following grades: Semester 1 = 3 A's, 1 B, 1 C Semester 2 = 5 A's, 1 B Total = cGPA is 3.6 I'm scared that I will not be able to maintain good grades as I advance to the upper level courses (especially since I'm taking Ochem next...
  9. I

    Horrible interview skills

    hi im a premed. so heres the thing, everyone since the beginning of my life hates me and i was always bullied. I have a terrible relationship with my parents. my dad doesnt like me and my mom annoyed the crap out of me during my entire childhood. every interview (med school or job) has resulted...
  10. K

    C's in premed courses

    If I get C pluses in all of my premedical courses but ace every other course would I still be able to get into medical school. I.e. has anyone ever gotten into a MD or DO school this way?
  11. P

    Lacking in the General Chemistry Department For The DAT. suggestions?

    First post here, so please cut me a little break. Long story short, I am currently taking my second semester of organic II with the lab. All my time is focused on this at the moment. I know I need to study for the DAT, and plan to within the upcoming months. My issue is, it has honestly been a...
  12. MrBoneless

    Bad, Fine, Good, Amazing

    People are always posting threads asking about DAT GPA combos. I'm interested in hearing what you all think. What do you all think is a bad, fine, good, amazing combination for DAT/GPA? For the purposes of the thread, assume GPA is not community college, and DAT has no under 17 sections.
  13. DrSailorMoon

    What are my chances -- Hopeful Humanitarian

    Hello everyone, I graduated with my B.S. in Biology in 2012 from UT Austin. My GPA at the time was a 2.27. I was pre-med in undergraduate, but I wasn't serious about it. I had no idea what I wanted to do in life, and studied biology because I loved it. Both my parents are immigrants: my dad...
  14. lawyerbrah

    Just LOL @ you if you're going to medical school (srs)

    Just LOL @ u if you're going to medical school. Brb taking out 200k in loans, brb your 20's are gone, brb you'll hate your life in your 20's and you'll hate your life as a doctor, brb you'll try to retire at 50 then die at 60 because of dat dere stress, brb mommy and daddy are a doctor or brb...