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  1. D

    Barry University MBS vs. Rutgers University MBS Fall 2020

    Hey! So a little background information. I applied to dental school for the past two schools and did not get accepted to any programs. My oGPA is 3.19 (not sure about my science, but around that as well). I took the DAT twice and scored 19 both times. So, I have decided that I will pursue a...
  2. Ostkoshbgosh

    Barry Biomedical Science Masters (BMS) Fall 2019

    Hi, feel free to post any questions here. I am currently a student on the 18 month track!
  3. M

    Barry University's MBS - Daily Schedule

    Hey there, First time posting here. Recently got accepted into the MBS Dental Track at Barry's University to start in May 2019. I'm curious to know how the class schedule is like. Is it daily from 8-12 or is it spaced out throughout the week. I'm just trying to figure out how often I will be...
  4. F

    Barry University BMS program

    I recently got accepted to Barry BMS dental track starting January 2019. I'm new to the area and I'm having hard time finding a place to stay. Can someone give feedback and what is the good area to live for female and how do you find roommate in that area? Any other suggestion related to BMS...
  5. S

    Roommate Looking for Barry U BMS Master Roommate

    I will be attending Barry Univ. Biomedical Science Masters Program starting in January for the dental track. I'm currently looking to share a 2 bedroom, 2 bath apartment/condo in the hollywood/aventura/davie area. Prefer male roommate. Looking to sign a one-year lease. Have done my research on...
  6. L

    MBS Programs: Rutgers Dental Scholars vs. Barry University

    Hi guys, I have recently been accepted into Rutgers MBS Dental Scholars program in Newark this Spring 2018 and the 18-month track at Barry University's Master's in Biomedical Science Program, also Spring 2018. I am having a heard time deciding between the two program. Could former/current...
  7. S

    Barry Univ BMS Masters Program- Spring 2018

    Hey everyone, just wanted to start a thread for people entering Barry’s BMS program for the Spring 2018 semester. I was just admitted to the pre-dental program. I will be moving to Florida from out of state and am looking for housing starting in Janurary. If anyone is looking for a male...
  8. M

    Barry Biomedical Sciences Program Admissions-Spring 2017

    I am currently in the 18th month track at Barry BMS. This is a post-baccalaureate program specifically to enhance your dental/medical school application. Barry’s demanding curriculum is parallel to the first year of medical/ dental school. I'm here to answer any questions you have about...
  9. M

    Barry University Biomedical Sciences Master's Program Spring 2017

    Hello, I am currently on the 18th month-track at Barry BMS. Please feel free to ask any questions in regards to the program specifically admission requirements, classes, acceptance rates and etc.
  10. N

    Pre- dent Master programs opinions 2016

    Hi!! Im pre-dent with a very uncompetitive undergrad GPA (around 2.7). Had a lot going on my junior and senior year but somehow made it though and graduated although my GPA took a toll. I chose not to chance taking the DAT and just apply straight to Masters programs. So i took a year off and...