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    BME UNDERGRADS: Did AMCAS count your engineering courses towards your BCPM GPA?

    Without my engineering courses, my BCPM GPA is a 3.38. With my engineering courses, my BCPM GPA is a 3.68. Huge difference. Some have told me flat out that engineering courses don't count towards BCPM, while others have said it depends on the "primary content" of the course (is the course...
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    BCPM Classification

    Hi all, I want to start off by saying BCPM classification is not easy to determine with many classes. I am looking to take some extra courses to boost my BCPM gpa before I apply next spring and I came across a course that I found looked interesting and I wanted to see if it might classify as...
  3. medschoolcycle_22

    Would you recommend taking this course?

    Hello, Registration is right around the corner and I was wondering if I should take this course to help boost my BCPM GPA. It's called BIOL 4560- Research Methods in Biology. This is the course description: This course provides comprehensive development of skills necessary for students to...
  4. medschoolcycle_22

    Which of these courses should I take for BCPM gpa?

    So I was wondering what courses you would recommend taking that would count towards BCPM GPA? There's environmental toxicology (it's listed under BIOL), Neurology, Virology. Which one would you recommend? I was also wondering if research methods would count under BCPM? It's listed as BIOL4560...
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    BCPM Course Classifications

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    Community college/summer courses?

    Hi again! I was wondering how do top tier schools view undergrads taking courses such as english, calculus, and history at community colleges or during the summer?
  9. sushi18

    Worth taking 1 extra class to raise BCPM GPA to 3.7?

    I took stats a while back and realized since it's online it won't count toward medical school. I've fulfilled the math requirement already but without statistics my projected BCPM GPA will be ~3.69. I wasn't a BCPM major in college so every unit makes a big difference. I understand it's a very...
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    Need help verifying classes that are considered BCPM

    Hey I wanted to know, would these courses be considered BCPM? - Genetics, Organic Chemistry II, Organic Chemistry Lab II, Biochemistry for Biomedical Sciences, Calculus I, Summer Laboratory Observation - Ecology, Introduction to Biobehavioral Statistics, Seminar in Research Problems...
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    Do these count as BCPs??

    Would these classes be considered BCPs? I think most of them should be, but I'm not positive about all of them. 1. Human Brain & Disease-we learned about brain disorders, neurophysiology, and neuroanatomy 2. Neurobiology 3. Psychobiology-technically a psychology-department class, but we learned...
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    Science GPA calculation

    Hi all, Sorry if this was asked before but do we calculate our science GPA manually? Or is it calculated automatically on the AMCAS application when we enter the classes we took? If I have to calculated manually, how should I go about doing that? Thanks!
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    BCPM Gpa: Do my research lab credits count?