1. C

    UNCO Biomedical program

    Hello! Is there anyone who is currently in the UNCO Biomedical program who is willing to inform me on the admissions process, curriculum, and their opinion. Trying to get into dental school, but it is not as easy with low stats.
  2. M

    UAB MSBHS 2021

    Hi, I wanted to start a post for the upcoming summer semester. I applied back in January but I haven't heard anything back yet and thought maybe others would be looking to connect.
  3. sydwillx

    2.85 GPA 308 GRE

    So i graduated from Georgia State University in 2020 and i just took the GRE i got 157 V and 152 Q. I have applied to the MS preclinical sciences program at mercer and the MS biomedical sciences at PCOM. Do you guys think ill get in?? open to other program suggestions as well!! anything will help
  4. L

    Barry University BMS Spring 2019

    Hey, I just recently got accepted to the barry university biomedical sciences program. I was wondering what to expect from the program and if anyone else is entering during the spring semester?
  5. X

    NSU MS of Biomedical Sciences 2019-2020

    Anyone else applying this cycle? I think interviews started this month. What are your stats? cGPA: 2.74ish MCAT: 498 ~120hr volunteer, ~45hr shadowing, good ECs on campus Applied 3/13, just waiting for transcripts to arrive.
  6. C

    REU vs Internship

    Hello everyone, I wanted to ask for advice for a decision I'm trying to make. For the summer, I am deciding between a REU (research with diseases) or an internship with a biomedical device company (this would be mostly machinery work). Do medical schools usually have a greater preference for...
  7. R

    Best job opportunity for upcoming applicants?

    Hey all, hopefully someone out there has been in a similar situation and has some helpful suggestions. I've recently finished the DAT and scored pretty well, but with a subpar GPA, I still need more extracurriculars in order to become a more competitive applicant. I definitely plan on getting...
  8. S

    Major (BME) + Pre-Med??

    Hey all, I am here to ask a question that I am 100% percent sure has been asked before. For frame of reference, I am currently a high school student entering my senior year and am trying to decide on colleges to apply to. The issue is I am having trouble picking a major, but I know for a fact...
  9. J

    BARRY Biomedical Sciences (MS) FALL 2018

    Hello, i just got accepted to barry's Biomedical Sciences (MS) program for fall 2018. Wanted to get some input on those who are currently in the program. How is it? I am doing the one year track, i know its going to be rigorous so i wanted some input...also looking to see who else will be...
  10. F

    PCOM Biomedical Sciences 2018-2019

    I was wondering if you guys thought I had any chance of getting into PCOM biomedical sciences program for the fall of 2018. My Stats: cGPA: 2.87 GPA over the past 2 years: 3.08 MCAT: 492 (retaking) I have made significant progress over the last 2 semesters, making deans list. Do I have a shot?
  11. wannadoctoritup

    Masters Programs

  12. chemdoctor

    Advice after Freshman Year ?

    Ok so, I just finished my freshman year. Last semester I got one B+ in a stupid art class, some A-s and then two As. This semester I'll most likely get straight As and so my GPA is good. I volunteer at a soup kitchen, I'm volunteering at a research institute, I shadow a cardiologist and I have...
  13. L

    University of Incarnate Word-BMS-2017-2018

    Hey all, just opening this thread to see who else is applying to this program for this upcoming year!
  14. B

    PhD Programs that accept MCAT in place of GRE

    I've finally made the decision to pursue a Biomedical PhD. I have already taken the MCAT with a decent score and would like to begin a PhD program this coming fall. Most programs I am finding have deadlines in less than 2 months and require the GRE (I don't have the time to fit in studying) so I...
  15. D

    Which of my Biomedical Engineering Classes Count Towards the Science GPA?

    Hey guys, I took Biomedical Engineering at the University of Miami, and these are the specific courses that I took: https://umshare.miami.edu/web/wda/engineeringfiles/BME/courseseq/2012/BMEPREQ.pdf Out of these, I know for sure that all the pre-reqs will count, i.e. Chem I/II, Bio I/II...
  16. SiriusObserver

    Where To Transfer? UW Madison or UCSD?

    Hi everybody. I'm fairly new to SDN and am turning to you guys to help me make a big decision. I was recently admitted into both UW Madison and UCSD as a transfer student from a two-year UW college. As a premed, I feel like this is an important decision, but I know some will agree and some will...
  17. T

    Master's before Med school and residencies

    Hi everyone! (sorry if this isn't the correct thread to post this in, I'm new.) I have a question about the benefit of having a master's in a biomedical science when applying to residency. I read somewhere that the majority of people who are successful applicants to certain residency programs...
  18. PomiliaAnthony13

    Biomedical Engineering major

    Pre-med, heavy EC/CV load, several foreign langs, no friends/partying whatsoever, etc.. Very interested in pursuing a BS in Biomedical Engineering. Any thoughts? Also, would this be good prep for med school? Ciao
  19. Y

    Academic Enhancer Program - GeorgeSquared Advanced Biomedical Sciences Certificate

    Hi everyone! I currently work as one of the Supplemental Faculty for this year with the GeorgeSquared Advanced Biomedical Sciences Certificate Program. We wanted to make a post/thread on here to give information about our program and answer any questions about the program if anyone was...