1. corgo

    Stick it out with medicine or explore different career?

    I have always dreamt of becoming a doctor. In the Philippines, most kids rely on their parents for everything until they get their degree and marry off. Work is frowned upon (unless you are within poverty line), scholarships are scarce, and parents pay for school so no one really does loans/ get...
  2. Coogsandstros


  3. H

    At a Crossroads: transfer to Masters, just finish the MD, or grind it out?

    I recently finished 2nd year but did not pass Step 1 due to lack of motivation and inadequate prep. So currently, I'm considering three possibilities (kind of raked in the order of interest): Transfer my credits to a Masters in Basic Medical Sciences and complete a Capstone project that could...
  4. A

    Behavioral Health burnout and resilience community

    Repeating 8 week Zoom series with national experts in resilience Join in any week, or all, to be together about this Weekly workgroup/listening sessions to create community. Exploring behavioral health work in this era. Followed by every other week rounds/presentation on resilience topic CME...
  5. D

    Anyone else feeling jaded

    Acute Care PT of 1.5 years. Came in right at the start of the alpha COVID wave and worked through Omicron and Delta. Throughout the pandemic, the nursing and respiratory departments have seen massive raises and retention / loyalty bonuses handed out. In the meantime, I’ve only gotten a 60...
  6. O

    Employment & Professional Networking Burnout in Occupational Therapy - Survey Request

    Hello everyone! 🤗 I know that this network is mostly utilized by students, but I'm posting my survey anyway in case there are some practicing OTs visiting. I’m an OTD student in the process of completing my doctoral capstone project on burnout in occupational therapy. I'm investigating what...
  7. L

    Southern California Anesthesiology: Private Practice model vs W2 model. How to compare?

    I am feeling burned out, I need some perspective. 1) For the private practices people. Is being 1st call once a week, and 2 weekend call a month normal? (Post call day still work at least a half day, or sometimes hooked till 12pm) 2) How do you compare a private practice gig (1099) to a...
  8. C

    Recent data regarding burnout in PM&R

    In light of recent lectures at the AAPM&R conference as well as recent studies (see links below), I was just wondering if anyone in the field could share some insight onto why PM&R is listed in the top of some of these "burnout" surveys. Its understandable that in general, medicine is facing...
  9. LindaAccepted

    Medical Taboo No More: Depression & Burnout in the Medical Field

    Interview with Dr. Elizabeth Poorman, Internist at Cambridge Medical [Show Summary] There’s a lot of talk (and only that) about burnout and depression among medical students, residents, and physicians, but Dr. Elisabeth Poorman is attempting to do something about it. Listen in to today’s episode...
  10. Dr. Bruce Banner

    Neurology tops burnout again in JAMA 2018 article

    Neurology, along with EM, urology, and gen surg, again tops the uncoveted spot amongst the specialties with the highest burnout rate. The article states, and confirmed by AAN, that neurology is the ONLY specialty that has the highest burnout AND the lowest work-life balance... OK, I can see EM...
  11. 9

    MD & DO Physician Burnout, Long Shifts, Sleep Deprivation

    Hello All, I'm a podcaster who writes/posts about premedical and medical education. Recently, I witnessed several of my med student friends and roommates go through 30-hour shifts for their surgical rotation. Some got through it fine, but some were quite worn down, some took leaves of absence...
  12. M

    Beyond Burnout - JAMA

    Battles Between Burnout and Balance
  13. M

    MS1 Burnout

    First-year here. Last semester went pretty smooth: I worked very hard, did well academically and got head start on ECs. I thought I had transitioned well, save feeling quite lonely but I thought that was normal. However, this semester, I started procrastinating reallllyyy badly and just cannot...
  14. Zharp

    Medscape Physician Burnout Report 2018

    So Medscape just released their annual reports yesterday. The burnout report can be found here: Medscape: Medscape Access As someone who's an aspiring physician and about to enter this coming application cycle, I wanted to get peoples thoughts on the importance of these reports when planning on...
  15. I


    Hi I am Imoto. I am an International Student from Cote D'Ivoire (in West Africa). Currently I am pursuing a bachelor in Medical Biology in a university in the US. The thing is that I know I want to be a doctor most likely a surgeon but I am not sure I want to do that in the US. My dream would be...
  16. L

    How do you deal with the paperwork in family medicine/primary care

    Hi guys, I am a 3rd year med student who really likes outpatient medicine, and is highly considering family medicine. What gets me down is hearing the huge amount of paperwork that is somehow more unique to primary care. However, there may be hope as I hear conflicting things on the amount of...
  17. A

    PA vs MD, specific circumstances, money not an issue, etc

    Hi, I had some questions regarding pa school vs med school that I was hoping to get some insight on from those who have more experience than I do, so I make the right decision and don't regret it in the future. Prereq wise for PA school I still need biochem, microbio, genetics, and Ochem lab...
  18. Cura_te_ipsum

    MD & DO The Business Case for Investing in Physician Well-being - JAMA Int Med

    Shanafelt T, Goh J, Sinsky C. The Business Case for Investing in Physician Well-being. JAMA Intern Med. Published online September 25, 2017. doi:10.1001/jamainternmed.2017.4340 Abstract Importance Widespread burnout among physicians has been recognized for more than 2 decades. Extensive...
  19. whizatphys

    Two years after leaving med school.

    Hey all- I've recently connected with a handful of medical students on the fence regarding their medical education and it led me to revisiting the YouTube video I posted on here just two weeks after leaving an allopathic US medical school in 2015, at the end of my second year (link below)...
  20. RaginMD

    Surviving 1st year burnout

    I know I am definitely not the only one but as the end of 1st year coming along I'm getting more and more burnt out and depressed, which is bad considering our last course of the year is Med Neuro and its a nightmare! First med neuro exam is Tuesday and that means that I missed out on my "spring...
  21. C


  22. Dr. Harambe

    It's not burnout; It's abuse!

    who agrees? http://www.kevinmd.com/blog/2016/09/video-makes-case-must-stand-doctors.html While there are certainly factors that you can determine yourself for your personal well-being, I grow frustrated by institutions' attempts to fix systemic problems with finger pointing at individual...
  23. D

    How to separate self worth from medical school

    I'm an MS1 and I just started med school 3 weeks ago At first, I put a huge smile on my face and tried to become friends with everyone. I've made fun and supportive friends and I've done okay on my exams so far, but every day, I feel like I lose a little piece of my former self. It seems like I...
  24. Locumstory

    Free (Giving away) Family Med Physicians, join us at FMX for a Spa Night

    The research shows that family medicine is one of the top specialties for feeling of burnout. So we're treating you to a taste of your own medicine while at FMX 2016 in Orlando! Join us at the Hyatt Regency Spa on Wednesday, Sept. 21 for a mini spa treatment, food and drinks. RSVP here...
  25. M

    Advice? I want to quit the medical school part of the physician scientist training program I'm in.

    Background: I'm currently in a DO/PhD program. Did one year of grad school (Neuroscience PhD program, working on computational project) and now am in my first year of med school. I don't usually ask the internet for advice on my life, but I figured what the hell. I've been debating about...
  26. K

    IM-CCM Burnout/Job opportunity questions

    DISCLAIMER: I bolded what I would consider the nuts/bolts of my question, if you feel inclined to add your two cents but dont want to read a long thread haha. Hello, I am a PGY1 IM intern thinking about IM-CCM. I originally was considering CCM-Pulm, but every time I do any form of outpatient...
  27. sj139

    Leaving Surgery

  28. TxsMed14

    Dropping out of Medical School

    I'm a current MS2, and never failed an exam or rotation. I took a leave of absence last fall, which has stretched into five months and finally turning a corner on whether to drop out (I think it's time, despite $100k for two years at a private med school. Probably the heaviest factor in my...
  29. LindaAccepted

    Medical Burnout: The Stigma, The Consequences and The Cure

    Don't let your battery run too low! Burnout is a commonly experienced phenomenon for both medical students and practicing physicians alike. Specialties that have been hit the hardest by burnout include emergency medicine, neurology, family medicine, and general internal medicine, and symptoms...
  30. D

    Diagnosis: Academic Burnout

    I need a cure immediately. I think I'm going to have a D overall for math. Today's test is going to be on Exponential and Logarithms(in about a half an hour). I crammed(We only learned this topic for 2 days, reviewed and that's it). I'm tired. Finals start Friday. Math is the hardest thing ever...