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  1. Bubn


  2. djiboutiman

    MD WAMC 3.65c/3.5s/512/CA Resident

  3. J

    Am I applying to too many schools?

    So i am premed from CA, and will major in biochem or soemthing. So these are the schools i am considering. Cal Poly SLO Cal Poly Pomona Cal State Long Beach UCLA UCB UCSB UCSD UCD UCI UCR USC Alabama Minnesota Rice Northwestern Case Western Is this too much for premed? I don't know what to cut...
  4. lickerwhicker

    CA Res, school list, need more safeties?

  5. B

    MD CA Resident School List; 3.69 cGPA, 3.60 sGPA, 514 MCAT

    Could use some feedback/suggestions on the school list below as a CA resident. One thing worth noting is that my parents are paying for my application fees so money is not an issue when it comes number of applications submitted. Cumulative GPA: 3.69 Science GPA: 3.60 MCAT: 514 State: California...
  6. Joemm426


    CA Resident GPA: 3.81 Studying 9th edition Exam Krackers and receiving weekly private tutoring for MCAT summer 2018 Cell Biology Major Community College transfer to Public UC 350 Hours volunteering in ICU ICU Volunteer coordinator for one year (non-paid) 100 Hours shadowing surgeon...
  7. T

    MD CA resident/ORM with 3.61 cGPA, 3.63 sGPA, 522 MCAT

    Already applying (and struggling with secondaries), just wanted to get some feedback on my school list, especially if there's any worth cutting or adding. My GPA and MCAT are a little unbalanced, so picking reach/target/"safeties" has been confusing. Recent graduate of a CA private school...
  8. X

    DACA (??) and dental school - immigration - applying to dental school

  9. D

    MD & DO CGPA:3.8 SGPA: 3.7 MCAT: 512 School List Help!

    Hey guys, I was wondering if you guys could possibly chance me and help me with my school list. Im a biology major going to a small private liberal arts university in California. Im interested in MD and DO. Thanks! Heres a little info: CGPA: 3.8 SGPA:3.7 MCAT:512 EC: 1) Medical Scribe (4...
  10. Until2021

    MD & DO cGPA 3.77, sGPA3.74, MCAT 509, CA resident. halp~

  11. A

    MD Unbalanced 508 MCAT, sGPA 3.63, cGPA 3.73, white male, CA resident, UCLA

    White male, not URM or disadvantaged, CA resident, UCLA, Human Biology and Society Major 508 MCAT: 128/124/131/125 sGPA: 3.63, cGPA: 3.73 MCAT Chem/Phys-128 –----87 percentile------10-11 on old MCAT CARS-124 –---------- 44 percentile ----- 7-8 on old MCAT Bio/Biochem-131 --– 99 percentile...