1. C

    Certiphi and dismissed charges

    Just got my certiphi background check back and two misdemeanor charges from years ago showed up on the report. Both of these charges were dismissed after completion of community service, and the report indicates that the charges were dismissed. It explicitly stated not to include dismissed...
  2. D

    Certiphi Check - Canadian Additional Form

    Hello! I completed my Certiphi Background check info and submitted it, trying to complete the Canadian-specific form right now. For section D - Identification Verification, it states that "you must meet face to face with a representative of the organization which requested your background...
  3. T

    Error on Background Check

    I had to fill out a Certiphi background screening after acceptance and it came back as expected except it said I had an "alias" (it's my name but spelled incorrectly). There's no criminal history listed for it, so I'm guessing this isn't an issue, just wanted to see if anyone had experienced...
  4. L

    Certiphi Background Check Question

    Hello everyone, I listed my permanent residence as my home country since technically that's where my parents live and own a house. However, I have been studying in Canada (on a student visa) since I was 13. I gave Certiphi the date I left my home country which was in 2008. My Certiphi check...
  5. ancora imparo

    Certiphi background check question

    Will I receive a separate email for each school that accepted/waitlisted me? Or does the one email I got last week grant permission to the other schools? I am asking because I didnt receivemy Certiphi email when I should have, and had to call them to have them resend. Don’t want that to...
  6. Master Thinker

    Should I request preliminary Certiphi report?

    Is it still worth paying for the preliminary Certiphi report at this point? I got the AAMC-facilitated Certiphi check email today as all of the schools that accepted/waitlisted me require Certiphi. If I only do the AAMC-facilitated one, will I see a copy of my report before they get sent to...
  7. L

    Conditional Acceptance Background Check Consent Request

    I received an e-mail the other day from Certiphi asking for consent and a fee to perform the same background check that they performed a couple of months ago for a different school. Only this time, I don't know what school it is, if there is any. And I really don't feel like paying again for the...
  8. lovehate

    How long did your Certiphi background check take?

    How long did your Certiphi background check take to get processed? Mine was processed within 5 minutes. I got an email that it was complete and ready to be released to the schools. I logged in and released it. Is that normal ? I thought these background checks take at least few days!
  9. D

    How to get Certiphi check on self?

    I contacted Certiphi and they told me that only after a school requests a background check can you view yours. However, I have seen several posters that have said they have successfully gotten theirs on their own. It also says on the AMCAS web site that it is available through Certiphi for $71...
  10. cheesin

    Certiphi Background Check taking too long

    I submitted my request for the background check a week and a half ago. In the follow-up email, it said it should take about 3-5 days, but I haven't heard anything back yet. Based on your experience, are long waits for this normal? I imagine they're probably doing a lot of them at this time
  11. R

    Should I disclose an infraction if it is never asked for?

    I have an infraction which is about a year and a half old which is classified as a civil ordinance violation (not a felony or misdemeanor). I will be applying to med schools next year. The AMCAS only asked about misdemeanors and felonies and most of the secondaries that I have started looking...
  12. Eccesignum

    Certiphi -- Addresses Issue

    Hey, guys. For folks that've received the Certiphi background check email -- when they ask for previous addresses, I assume they mean from the beginning of your life. Problem is, what if you don't remember the exact addresses? Between moving for school and various job placements, I've had...
  13. braces or nah

    Previous Applicants - Dismissed Charges on Certiphi?

    I wanted to reach out to the previous applicants (specifically with arrests on their record) in order to figure out what I should disclose on my application. So about a year ago, I was arrested for possession of marijuana, I got put into a conditional discharge program and my charges were...
  14. fitdoc123

    How long does the Certiphi Background Check take?

    Hi! SUNY is one of the schools that uses the Certiphi Background check system. How long doe it take after you submit it for you to get a response? When you get a response and the schools receives it whats the next step ( after you submit deposit) thanks!!