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  1. S

    challenge essay topic please help!

    I am really struggling to try to find a good challenge essay topic. here are some of the ideas I thought of: - my transition to college: I attended the same small private school from k-12th grade so going to college was a big change. i had trouble making friends during my first year and being a...
  2. B

    Could I use this high school experience for either the Challenge prompt or Failure/Feedback prompt?

    Hey everyone, I volunteered in a research lab during the summer of 2015, which was the summer before my senior year of high school. I initially came into the lab wanting to produce a project that I can use in the Intel Science Fair. On the first day, the PI introduced me to everyone in the lab...
  3. T

    Adversity/Challenge Essay Topics

    I don't want to hop onto anyone else's thread and steal their thunder, but I was hoping to get some advice on possible challenge/adversity essay topics: Stuttering - Throughout my childhood and high school, I had a stutter which I went to a speech therapist for. I struggled, and still struggle...
  4. G

    "Significant challenges you have faced" Secondary Questions for someone who has grown up with a lot of privilege

    **I do not in any way mean to come across as insensitive in the following question. I grew up with a lot of privilege and am aware of it. I am so concerned about how to appropriately answer this question because I don't want to take time away from other applicants answers to these prompts who...
  5. F

    Secondaries - Adversity/Challenge Essay topic advice

  6. V

    Adversity/challenge essay advice

    I was prewriting the adversity/challenge essay. As an international transfer student, I was thinking about writing my failure to enter the med school in my home country at 18 years old. After a few months of depression, I overcame the frustrating feelings, tried to do well in my current major...
  7. S

    Challenge essay--mental illness hotline experience?

    I'm brainstorming my adversity/challenge essay options, and one I was considering was writing about a particular conversation I had while working as a crisis text line counselor and god knows how many times I thought I'd failed, the texter's dead, why won't (s)he open up to me, etc. After a...
  8. A

    Secondary challenge essay ideas, please help!

    Two ideas In my senior year I took on a role in a a peer health organization that required me to act as a leader of a team of four other seniors, one of them that I was friends with. Our team had to research a specific health topic three times per semester and make outreach materials that we...
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    overwhelmed with secondaries.. need advice

    Hello all! I am currently very overwhelmed with secondaries as I feel like I have no idea what to write about. That's why I came here to get your advice on some secondary essay prompts. Challenge essays: when I was little, we won the green card lottery. Thus, my dad moved to the US when I was...
  10. boundlesscorpuscle

    Challenge/Adversity/Failure Prompts

    Hi there, So, like many others I am working on secondary essays, and I am stumbling over one of the most common types of prompts, i.e. the challenge/adversity/failure question. My family is pretty firmly in the White, suburban, lower-middle class, so I have been fortunate to lead a relatively...
  11. H

    Challenge Essay Idea - Seeking Advice

    Hi all, I am usually a lurker, but seeking some thoughts on the personal/professional challenge essay. I am confused between these three options: 1) Immigrated to the U.S. right before college and got accepted to an elite school. Once in college, struggled with spoken English a lot...
  12. H

    personal challenge essay

    Hi all -- I know there that people generally caution against writing about mental illness. However, my eating disorder was genuinely the most challenging time in my life and I do not feel like I have anything else meaningful to write about. I have also been stably in recovery for a few years now...
  13. R

    The "Challenge" Essay, Which Is a better topic?

    I am a re-applicant, and am rewriting most of my secondaries. The "challenge" essay has been coming up in many of the prompts and I feel my original essay from last year needs work or to be completely different. Here are the two or three directions I can go. #1 (essay used in last secondary)...
  14. FroYoOreo

    challenge/adversity essay ideas

    problem solved, thanks.
  15. H

    Choosing between two "challenge" essay topics

    So I'm a little more than halfway done with my slate of secondaries, and I've noticed that I've been switching back and forth between two "challenge" essays I've prewritten from school to school depending on how I'm feeling about them at the moment. In order to streamline the process, I'm...
  16. R

    Adversity Ideas

    Was hoping to get some feedback and advice on potential prompts: 1) Running cross country- I joined freshman year of high school, and realized I was never going to be one of the fastest on the team. I was initially disheartened but instead of comparing myself to others I changed my idea of who...
  17. wizarddoc2213

    "Challenge" Question on App

    Hello! I am looking to pre-write some of my secondaries, and I saw from previous years that a lot of schools include the "describe a challenge/how you overcame that challenge" question. My entire personal statement is about overcoming health and sports related challenges and the lessons I...
  18. Iconic Bond

    Resilience secondary essay

    Hey guys, I just finished up an essay I was planning on using to answer the overcoming challenges prompt on most of my secondaries and I was looking to see if anyone could give me some feedback.
  19. tessellations

    Challenge Essay - toxic family relationship

    Please don't quote if possible. Just edited this down a bit but I'd still like to protect my anonymity. Also sorry for the millionth post of this kind, but I didn't want to stick my personal story into someone else's thread and my story is pretty specific to me. So I won't be applying until...