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  1. A

    Odds of getting in

    Hi everyone, Yesterday I had received my MCAT score and scored lower than I expected. I scored a 499 (124/124/125/126) which was very disappointing. I have already scheduled my retake for August but the issue I am concerned about is applying late. I know a 499 is not a great score at all...
  2. P

    Chances of getting into Osteopathic School??

    Hello! I've been back and forth with my chances of getting into medical school for the longest time and I have used this forum as a guide. I think it is due time that I got some personal feedback from the users on this forum, though. I am only applying to Osteopathic medical schools for my...
  3. M

    Applying/MCAT before Physics 2

    I am applying to medical school in the upcoming cycle. The only pre-req I am missing is Physics 2. My GPA has been on an upward trend, and I really do not want to mess it up right before I apply. I am very bad at math, and very bad at physics exams (I have trouble performing in a huge lecture...
  4. M

    Applying to Medical School: Gap year or no gap year?

    I am in my 1st sem. of my junior year @ Colgate University. My major is Molecular Bio & I have a cGPA of 3.61 & 3.43 for sciences. I know it is not ideal, but I also know that Colgate is known for grade deflation & some have told me that will be considered (?) I am trying to decide if I need to...
  5. J

    DO School Chances

    [Information redacted]
  6. T

    What are my chances-Texas late applicant

    Hello all! I am having major anxiety about my late TEXAS application and was wondering if maybe I should retract my application and wait to apply next cycle...opinions, thoughts, ideas?? Stats: Overall GPA: 3.75 BCPM GPA 3.71 Non-BCPM GPA: 3.78 MACT: 516 - Chemical and Physical...
  7. T

    Chances For Dental School Interviews??

    I’m applying to dental schools this cycle and am wondering if I have a chance of getting interviews at decent schools. My stats are- 19AA Bio- 21 Orgo- 20 Chem- 19 TS- 20 PAT- 18 GPA- 3.73 ( Graduated in 3 years ) sGPA- 3.52 Decent amount of shadowing and ECs with great rec letters from close...
  8. F

    Career Changer - what are my chances

    Hi all, I am in my early 30s and trying to change careers from urban planning to physical therapy. I have a bachelor's and master's degree in urban planning but ultimately found it unfulfilling after working in the field for several years. I have spent the last year taking prerequisites at a...
  9. C

    Your thoughts? Third Cycle - Canadian Applicant, 3.96/514

    Hello everyone, Here I am applying for the third cycle! Purpose of post: I really want this to be my last cycle. Not sure of any specific questions, but please inform me of your impressions/concerns. What I learned from the first cycle: I made a poor list (MSAR showed internationals mostly got...
  10. C

    MD Where should I apply? Chances at Baylor?

    Hi! I just applied for this 2019 cycle and I would greatly appreciate some input as to which schools to strike from my current list and which schools to add. I'm interested in going to school in California, but I know that's a pretty tough sell for OOS students. Particularly those who do not...
  11. Z

    MD & DO WAMC!!

    Hi, just looking for chances/possible school suggestions. - Undergrad Univ of Miami - sGPA: 2.9, nsGPA: 3.4, overall 3.11 (had some circumstances with health and family difficulties freshman and sophomore year, had to retake Orgos but an upward trend in both science and cumulative GPAs) - Grad...
  12. 8

    MD/PhD - what are my chances? 518 MCAT, 4.0 GPA

  13. 3

    Help with school list

    Hi all, I am applying for the 2019 cycle with a lower cumulative GPA 3.5 ish, higher science GPA 3.68ish, and pretty good MCAT 514 (non-urm and Massachusetts Resident). I am a non-traditional student and I did a post-bac so my GPA is very upward trending. My post-bac GPA was 3.88. I have a...
  14. A

    MD 513 MCAT and 3.85 GPA, help with finalizing list?

    Hi, I would appreciate any input on my list of schools. I currently have 30 schools and am trying to shorten it to 25. I am applying this cycle, and therefore will be taking a gap year. Stats: MCAT: 513 GPA: 3.85 for cumulative and around the same, maybe a few 0.01's lower, for...
  15. D

    School List Help please!

    Hi guys! I am currently freaking out a bit about putting together a school list that covers the right amount of range of schools from all ranks. My stats are: MCAT 518, GPA 3.97 (from UVA-Virginia resident) Extracurricular wise, I've got a good number of hours of research (no major...
  16. D

    3.98 GPA, 512 MCAT Med School List

    I am a bioengineering student and IL resident. I am trying to finalize my list of schools of which to apply so any input is appreciated! Other Stats: 55 hr of shadowing 102 hrs of hospital volunteering 195 hrs employed as personal assistant for student with cerebral palsy 120hrs other...
  17. medstudent1215

    Chances at Howard University College of Medicine

    Hey all, I am a nontraditional student going on 3-4 years out of college now. I will be 28 with a wife, 2 kids in elementary school, and hoping for a 3rd. I have a 3.51 GPA at my most recent university in undergrad, combined cumulative GPA of 3.42 including my initial community college years...
  18. E

    How do AdComs view graduate school GPA?

    So this is a question I'm sure you all get on a regular basis, with posters usually asking about how favorably a good (3.7+) grad school GPA is received by admissions committees. Well, I'm coming from the other end to ask you all how much a red flag would a gGPA of ~3.40 for a hard science...
  19. F

    Will I go to med school?

    Please help me with a realistic 20-30 school list and a few reach schools that would accept a low GPA - average MCAT + good extracurricular student 3.41 cGPA and 3.10 sGPA - upward trending starting ~3.0 cGPA and graduating with ~3.8 average last 2 years 511 126 / 127 / 130 / 128 CA resident...
  20. F

    Chances and School List? (3.4 cGPA 3.21 sGPA 511MCAT)

    "PLEASE DO NOT QUOTE THIS MESSAGE" Please help me with a realistic 20-30 school list and a few reach schools that would accept a low GPA - average MCAT + good extracurricular student 3.5 cGPA and 3.10 sGPA - upward trending starting ~3.0 cGPA and graduating with ~3.8 average last 2 years 511...
  21. T

    Chances for DO schools

    Hello, I would love some input on my chances and which DO schools I should apply to this summer for 2019 admission. Currently I'm a Junior at University of Texas at san antonio, just a normal state college. MCAT: 507 cGPA: 3.47 sGPA: 3.44 -The only hole in my GPA is Cs in chem 2, ochem 1...
  22. Tunnelvision_1

    Highly appreciate if you advise me for IM 2019 match

    Need your opinion on my profile. Any feedback will help........ will post profile soon hopefully
  23. J

    Optometry Prerequisites set in stone?

    Hello, While going to undergrad at Indiana University I had my heart and mind set on only attending IU for optometry school and did not look at any other prerequisites for other schools. This means that I did not take organic lab. I plan on applying early to enter in a school fall of 2019. Here...