1. H

    Below average M3 - feeling worried about specialty choice?

    Hi everyone, I'm wondering what fields do "average" or "below average" med students end up in? I have been below average my entire preclinical (we are a true pass-fail system in preclinicals but they release average scores and standard deviations), got a 230 on Step 1, and am looking to go...
  2. R

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    For Sale Kaplan USMLE Step 2 CK Obstetrics/Gynecology Lecture Notes 2018, Brand New

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  4. R

    For Sale Kaplan USMLE Step 2 CK Internal Medicine Lecture Notes 2018, Brand New

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  5. medlife2017

    Firecracker discount - $100 off

    Hello everyone, I have been using firecracker for 3 years now and wanted to share this referral code that can get you discounts on any of the plans including more than $100 off the 2 year subscription. Just post the link in the web browser so you can see the discounted rates...
  6. P

    Where are clinicals done?

    I am currently preparing to apply to medical school next summer and I am curious how clerkships/clinicals work. I was under the impression that you were mostly localized to the hospital/school where you did your first two years; however, I have recently found information that suggested that you...
  7. doctorstrangerthingz

    Early entry into clerkships

    Hi all, I'm extremely happy about the school that I got accepted to. The school has a curriculum where we start our clerkships after a year and a half. I'm interested in what people people's opinion of this. Do the benefits of starting the rotations early out-weight the risk of cutting down...
  8. sherlock_obsessed_m&m

    Clerkships in M2..??

    I'm currently researching medical schools and will be applying this summer. I've come across a few med schools that seem to start clerkships in spring of M2 year instead of the traditional fall of M3. So far the ones I've seen are (maybe??) the University of Wisconsin Madison and the University...
  9. J

    MD Clinical Rotation Order w/Ob/Gyn Interest

    I know there are tons of posts on the order in which to do clinical rotations, but I wasn't able to find any for someone thinking mostly about going into Ob/Gyn with FM or IM as a back up. We have blocks at my school, so Psych, IM and Ob have to be taken together, and then Surg, Fam and Peds...
  10. P

    MD Help with choosing M3 electives!

    Hi all, I was hoping to elicit some advice from the SDN community out there for choosing M3 electives. I'm a rising M3, about to take Step 1, so this isn't something I want to be particularly worried about rn, but it's hard not to be because my school just gave us our clerkship schedules for...
  11. medlife2017

    Which track is best based on your experience?

    Hey guys, I was wondering if you could tell me what track is best based on the options and if you could give reasons, that would be greatly appreciated too.
  12. P

    M3 Clerkships in Different Cities

    I'm currently an MS2 and am trying to plan ahead for third year. We have the option of doing one, several, or even all core clerkships in other cities around the state. My question is: from a residency application perspective, would it make me more competitive if I completed my clerkships in...
  13. freecitizen

    What type of radiology information do you want to know for the step?

    Hello everyone, I am currently putting together radiology MCQ bank website for the USMLE, NBMEs and clerkships. I know this is not a heavily tested topic but I this is my side project that I ultimately want to be a "quick" review for radiology. Is there anything in particular that you would...
  14. P

    Chances of matching into an academic Ob/gyn program

    Hello everyone. So I've seen quite a few people posting about their chances of matching into their desired specialty but I haven't quite seen someone in my situation. So I come from a pretty small medical school in the midwest, not top 40. I got a 224 on the USMLE Step 1 in June of 2017...
  15. L

    Firecracker 50% off discount if anyone is interested

    Hey everyone. Firecracker has been adding a ton of new features, and the price is set to increase soon. If you are interested in locking in a low price now to prepare for Step 1, feel free to use my referral code: mbsy.co/firecracker/27611985. You'll get a year subscription for $180. Good luck...
  16. simbakoolaid

    International Medical Student Curious About Military Hospital Clerkships For Civilians

    Hey hey! I'm an international medical student (United States citizen) looking to join the Navy after I graduate. I already contacted the medical recruiter about applying for the military match for residencies, but I'm also curious about what military hospitals allow civilians to apply to their...
  17. bojackson63044

    MD Come do your Radiology clerkship in sunny Orlando, FL!

    Come do your Radiology clerkship in sunny Orlando, FL! Florida Hospital is the flagship hospital of Florida's largest healthcare system. Our Radiology department reads over 2.5 million studies a year. We have great teaching faculty from Johns Hopkins all the way to Stanford. Our residents...
  18. 8

    Residency Competitiveness

    How concerning is it to residency programs if clerkship grades are all passes (school is 25H/50HP/25P and haven't gotten my obgyn grade back yet)? My comments are good to average but I always end up missing HP by 1-2 points. Otherwise, slightly above avg step score and no publications with...
  19. A

    Clinical Rotations/Electives at hospitals that don't require Core Rotations to be completed?

    I'm an Eastern European medical student looking to do a couple of elective rotations this coming summer. I've spent the last month or so looking at every medical school in the US in order to do these rotations, and every single one that accepts international students requires that you have your...