1. Meria

    Examples of office role leadership?

    I held the secretary position at my honors club the last semester, but I dedicated only 40 hours as there was not much to do. I was wondering how other people would describe their leadership experiences, specifically in office roles at campus club organizations. I only jotted meeting notes...
  2. Hannah Nelson

    Club/event fundraising

    Hello! I'm looking for ideas on club fundraising to help pay for our Gala next year. Common ones that clubs at our school do already include clothing sales (lots of them) and some other swag- glasses and water bottles, stethoscope charms/cases, and stickers. Any new/unique ideas out there?
  3. D

    Is it okay to list a friend as a contact for a non-service club?

    About 2 years ago, I joined a recreational frisbee club on Campus and I had a great time playing for about two semesters. I want to put it down on AMCAS as one of my activities because I can speak pretty well about how it helped improve me as a future physician by making me more resilient when I...
  4. 7

    Does Fishing count as an EC?

    I know this is a weird topic but I'm not really sure what counts as an EC other than Volunteering/Research/RSO's and clubs etc. Do you need to join a fishing club for it to count as an EC? Or does fishing only count as a hobby?
  5. supadupasid

    SIMSwar competition (EM related)

    I was wondering if any of yall have participated in SIMS and can tell me what your opinions? What was your role in your particular team and why? How did you devote time to it while school work piled up? Or any just any general advice?
  6. libertyyne

    Welcome to the Club (Speech)

    In starting medical school have you ever encountered the, Welcome to the "Club" speech? Where even physicians who are not involved in your education say you can contact them if you need help or anything? It is almost like being welcomed into a large family. Does this phenomenon increase post...
  7. M

    [advice needed] Starting an OMFS Student Organization

    Hey everybody, I'm currently a second year dental student, pursuing an OMFS residency post-graduation. There is currently no OMFS organization at my school and myself and a fellow student are in the works of creating our own organization. For anybody that is currently on an exec. board or...
  8. M

    Presentation topics that all sorts of doctors can give to high schoolers?

    I set up a club for anyone interested in medicine and one of the main events of the club is what we call the "Health Fair". We will be inviting medical professionals from all sorts of specialties and ask them to give the students a presentation about their careers. We can't just ask them to...
  9. W

    PTCAS Extracurriculars - Club Member "status"

    I am in the process of adding my club memberships into the Extracurriculars section of PTCAS. As an example, I am currently adding my experience as a member of the Pre-PT club. I entered the start and end dates for the experience, but it is also asking me for "status," and the choices are...
  10. pnwhmt

    ECs outside of campus?

    I live in a larger city but commute to a school in a nearby smaller city where I have a scholarship. I am a member of some clubs on campus and spent last summer doing research there, but generally I spend most of my time where I live in the larger city. My question is this: How do clubs outside...
  11. 6

    Troubles as Club Exec

    Hello everyone, I am in sort of a dilemma right now with a club at my college. At the beginning of this school year, I took it upon myself to launch a new organization/club at my school in a topic I am passionate about (*not to check that box on my application*), with the hopes of providing an...
  12. S

    Is starting a Frat helpful for med school?

    Hey, So I am currently a freshman at a pretty large state school, and I have the opportunity to start a pretty big Frat (FIJI) on campus. This group seems to be one of the more academics oriented Frats, and I have the chance to be one of the first members, which means that I would have almost...
  13. Pseudofeds

    Building Up Valuable Experience? Too much? Too little? [Advice Needed]

    Hello, I know this is long but I created this thread years before the application process so to continuously gain feedback on my pre-med profile. I am an undergraduate (semester 2) attending The Pennsylvania State University. During High School I did not care much for extracurricular...
  14. nfarstad18

    What are the Next Steps

    I am a junior in undergrad and am majoring in biochemistry. Thus far I have completed my A.S. in biotechnology at a community college before transferring all 60 some credits to the university I am at now. I have completed gen chem I and II with lab, gen bio I and II with lab, o chem I and am...
  15. Froot4Lyfe

    HS Freshman Year Questions

    Ok, so I start off my freshman year next week, and I have 3 very important questions. -First, will colleges look at freshman grades? I've looked online, and some people say that it depends on what college you plan on applying to, and others say no colleges ever look into your freshman year. Is...
  16. P

    Club Sports Team

    I was on a very intensive club sports team during college for 3 months and I quit due to an injury. Would including this activity on my application be risky since it's not something I stuck with/might suggest lack of commitment to ADCOMs?
  17. wuzzymolecules

    Pre-Vet Society Officer Elections

    Hello! I am the President of my undergrad university's Pre-Vet Society (but not for much longer because I am entering vet school in the fall). This is only the second year that our Pre-Vet Society has existed, because the former president before me started the club last year. My question is-...
  18. C

    Starting an interest club

    I was hoping someone on here could give me some insight on how starting a club would benefit me. I feel like I'm missing that leadership role as an applicant and I thought starting a club would be great, aside from the fact that I'm genuinely interested in my club idea. I was thinking something...