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  1. I

    Buffalo vs Columbia

    Hello everyone I can't decide between Buffalo and Columbia. I would like to go for OMFS (only considering it but not hell-bent) in the air force as I am in HPSP program. Both seem to be very good and loved both places during the interview but I don't know much about Columbia so if anyone who...
  2. wengerout

    3rd Year @ Columbia - AMA

    Used to be on SDN all the time, HMU with any quesitons you got and i'll answer as soon as I can.
  3. T

    Spousal Support in Dental School

    Hello SDN! I recently got into several dental schools and am trying to make my final decision. Of the pre-Dec schools I have deposits to Columbia and University of Michigan and am still waiting to hear on interviews on UoP, UCLA, USC, and Harvard (I've withdrawn from the rest). My main concern...
  4. future_nostalgia

    Penn vs. Harvard vs. Columbia vs. UConn (OOS)

    Hello everyone! I was fortunate to receive acceptances to these four schools (and received a $20k/year scholarship to Penn). And I'm having a little trouble making my decision. I know most people say to go with the cheapest option (in this case it would be UConn), but I was just curious if there...
  5. rcollinb

    Current status, and a few questions. How am I doing? I NEED y'alls help!

    I am currently starting my second Summer here at my university in Texas getting ready to enter my junior year as a Pre-Dent. With as much excitement I am feeling towards my future, I have concerns and worries as well. With all the concern, I have multiple questions I would like to ask everyone...
  6. predental808

    Letter of Recs for Columbia - how strict?

    I am looking at the LOR requirements for Columbia and it says 3 science professors and 1 of your choice. I already have 4 letters submitted on my AADSAS and wanted to get a few opinions on if the following letters would satisfy the requirement or if anyone knows how strict Columbia is. I...
  7. wengerout

    ****The Official Columbia Class of 2022 Interview/Acceptance Thread****

    Good luck everyone!
  8. Cyborg#0

    UCLA vs Columbia

    Hello SDN community, I got into my dream schools Ucla and Columbia but I am on the fence between the two programs. Both are on a H/P/F grading system, and both have reputable faculty and research programs. Yes, there are differences, namely the price tag and lifestyle preference (i.e. west...
  9. T

    For sale Bench test prep teeth - Kilgore , Columbia , mounting pole

    Hi , Please shoot out a message in my inbox if u are in need for Columbia / Kilgore teeth and mounting pole . I live in San Antonio and I am ready to ship stuff . I am moving to the east coast in 2 weeks . Want the sell stuff before I move . Thanks
  10. nateriver

    ****The Official Columbia Class of 2021 Interview/Acceptance Thread****