1. P

    North Carolina Post-Doc--Couples/Sex Therapy speciality

    The Awakenings Center is hiring at all our North Carolina locations (Raleigh, Durham/Chapel Hill, and Greensboro) for Post-Doctoral Candidates. About Awakenings: Our Vision: Strengthen and stabilize individuals, marriages and families in North Carolina by increasing emotional and intimate...
  2. P

    Post-Doc at NC Group Practice.

    The Awakenings Center ( www.awakeningscenter.org ) is hiring for post-doctoral clinicians at our Durham/Chapel Hill location. We are currently working remotely via tele-health--relocation timeframe is therefore flexible! We are looking for motivated, engaged, and growth-minded therapists and...
  3. A

    Acceptances for Couples

    Hi everybody! My wife and I have been lucky enough to receive acceptances from two comparable medical schools. However, neither of us interviewed at the other's institution and we are sincerely hoping not to do long distance. Is it possible to reach out to the admissions office of each school...
  4. W

    "Help Me Rank" IM 2021

    Hey all, Haven't seen a thread created yet for this year's upcoming match and for some reason folks were commenting on the old one, so figured I'd make a new one here. Good luck to all!
  5. D

    Letting programs know about plan to uncouple from couples match

    Any thoughts on whether or not I should let programs know that I’m deciding to uncouple? Had a long discussion with my SO and I know this may not have been the popular opinion for most people, but based on our circumstances, we think it would be best if we did not do the couples match. I’m just...
  6. T

    Couples Advice For Which School to Commit To:

    So my partner and I need help with which school to put by the April 30 Deadline, but here's the dilemma: SO #1 and SO #2 both interviewed at School A and School B SO #1 was WL'd at Schools A and B (will commit to School C in the meantime and probably won't hear from WL until after the deadline)...
  7. T

    Couples Match MD and PharmD?

    Hi everyone, I am an entering MD student and my SO is an entering PharmD student. I know this is a while away, but out of curiosity and for future refernce, is it possible to couples match for residencies together, with one of us a physician and the other a pharmacist? Apologies if this is in...
  8. Happymadness

    Schools that consider LGBTQ+ applicants URMs

    Hi all, DELETED
  9. T

    DO student + IMG girlfriend

    Hey guys, Sort of an interesting dilemma. My girlfriend is a junior doctor in the UK. She graduated last year from Czech republic. I have been accepted to a DO school this cycle, and will be graduating 2022. We plan on getting married within the next two years, with her moving here by 2020. She...
  10. M

    Need Advice - I want to get into a specific medical school based on its location. Help!

    Hi there! If you are looking at my thread then you know I need some advice. I am female and have been dating my fiance for four years. He is spending time abroad this year while I work full-time as a medical scribe and apply to medical school. Originally, I submitted my primary application to...
  11. P

    "Same rank level" on NRMP couples match algorithm - SOS

    Hello everybody! I tried looking for the answer to this everywhere could someone with information on this please help us out. The NRMP couples match video just barely touches a fact where it says couples have to be " ranked at the same rank level" to successfully match together. Me and my...