Need Advice - I want to get into a specific medical school based on its location. Help!

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Sep 12, 2016
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Hi there! If you are looking at my thread then you know I need some advice. I am female and have been dating my fiance for four years. He is spending time abroad this year while I work full-time as a medical scribe and apply to medical school. Originally, I submitted my primary application to every single school within four hours from where my fiance will be living when he comes back to the US.

Yet, after a few months of long distance this year, I am worried. I am starting to think that I really want to be in either of the two schools that are in the same city as where he will be living next year. Four years of long distance is less than ideal..

As of now, I still have 5 secondaries to submit. (I have already submitted 13.) I am wondering if I should still submit these secondaries even if they aren't in the city I want to live in? I am also trying to decide if I should turn down any acceptances (if there are any...) in favor of reapplying to schools in the city I want to be in? I am unsure if turning down acceptances or not completing secondaries will hurt my chances the next cycle. (Still assuming that since I applied to so many schools that statistically I might get into even one.) I am already thinking about next cycle because I applied late this cycle (completing secondaries late August) and feel like this would hurt my chances of getting into the medical schools in the city I want.

Also keep in mind that if I do reapply next cycle, I would likely be applying to mostly the same pool of schools because I would probably be in the same position as I am now. (Even though if I do reapply next cycle I would try to do an early admission program for the school in the city that I want.)

For anyone that feels the need to preach, I NEVER expected to have a serious relationship with someone at 22. But here we are! I feel like being a physician is my calling, but at the same time, I have personal goals as a wife and future mom (verrryyyy future mom) that I want to accomplish as well. I don't feel like I should have to compromise my personal or professional goals.

The city I want to be in: Washington DC (some of the schools with the lowest acceptance rates due to sheer amount of applications and I submitted my secondary application in late August)

MCAT 514 - 127,128,128,131 taken July 22nd 2016
GPA nc 3.94 bpcm 3.91
-worked as a medical receptionist for a summer
-babysitter for a child living with a congenital disability
-volunteer as a mentor for kids and as an assistant in a radiology dpt.
-shadowed in many countries including US in wide variety of fields
-2 research internships (no publications =( )
-now working as a medical scribe

Just like Liz Lemon, I am trying to have it all!

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Love 30 Rock! However, if you've seen the show, you realize how well trying to have it all goes. When it comes to medical school, you really can't be overly picky. Reapplicants are at a disadvantage, and going into the process with the mindset of having a few mulligans isn't wise.

Would recommend being more like Jack Donagy and being a boss. Take your degree where you can get it and get to where you want to be in life.
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Wow, success academically and personally? Maybe you should be posting advice haha.

When it comes to applying the advice ive been told is this : if you were accepted, would you go here? If the answer is no, don't bother.

And if something goes awry around matriculation time (hopefully not) and you decide you wish you applied to schools elsewhere then you won't have to worry about this because there'll be bigger things on your plate.
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Obviously being in D.C. would be ideal but keep in mind that there are a lot of medical schools only a few hours from D.C. It wouldn't be ideal, but I'm sure if you are your boyfriend are meant to be, then it will be fine. Keep in mind that a few hours is much better than being in different countries for an entire year--you both could visit each other frequently on weekends. I get that long distance sucks but if medicine is what you want to do, then I would try to maintain perspective and take any acceptance, even if it's a little farther than you would like, but that's obviously a personal choice you will have to make.
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If you have the money I say send in the rest of the applications. Simply because it would suck to work so hard and then limit yourself. Especially cause your stats are good. Just my 2cents
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Your stats are fine for GWU and Gtown. Unless you're African-American, forget Howard.

And if you get rejected at these schools...what then??????

If I don't get in ... I'll have to decide if I want to do long distance for four years or reapply. Definitely a tough decision I hope I won't have to make. Just trying to make sure I understand both options!
Thanks everyone for the advice! It actually really helped, and I am feeling more at peace with my options for the future.

Also, everything worked out for Liz Lemon in the end just in an unexpected way! I hope I can achieve something similar! :)
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