1. C


    Decided to delete question. I'm receiving some outside help now. Thank you!

    DACA dental schools

    I just wanted to list dental schools that consider applicants with DACA status. I thought it would be convenient for future applicants with DACA status. So we won't have to worry about wasting our money and time. Anyways, I am a reapplicant and had 3 interviews last cycle. Unfortunately, I...
  3. Patrix

    MD sGPA 3.61, cGPA 3.68

    First time applicant, DACA, Hispanic, not URM, FL resident sGPA: 3.61 cGPA: 3.68 BA in Chemistry with Public Health minor, graduated May 2018 Will be taking a gap year and will be working full-time as a research assistant starting this August in the ER and part-time as a ER scribe (been doing...
  4. M

    Where are DACA student matching?

    Hi all, What is the Match process like applying as a DACA student? Like when applying to medical school, will only certain residency programs consider DACA applicants? What other hurdles do DACA applicants face (state restrictions, etc...). If there are some DACA Docs on SDN who have recently...
  5. JungleeBilli

    2017-2018 DACA Medical School Application Thread

    I have noticed a few of us here and there on SDN but I know that many of us, like myself, have a million and one questions about the application process and what our chances are. Fortunately, the number of schools that claim to accept applications from DACA applicants is increasing and the...
  6. Teddybearsrock

    DACAmented Medical Students in Re: Trump Presidency

    I am really concerned as to what will happen to current and upcoming DACA students wishing to enroll in medical school and/or continue on to residency post medical school graduation. LMSA/SNMA have worked continuously to advocate for the rights of DACA and undocumented individuals but, with the...
  7. SirCourageWolf

    Deportation Case Count On Background Check?

    Good evening, Combed through for a similar case but have been unable to find one so please pardon me. I'm applying in the spring and understand that it is possible to be asked regarding any criminal record on secondaries (and the AMCAS app itself). As an undocumented immigrant (infant with...
  8. C

    NH3 a strong base or na?

    bootcamp in its explanation said NH3 is a strong base... last i checked it isn't.. so which is it this was the text " To illustrate this, think of ammonium, NH4+. Ammonium is a weak acid, but the conjugate base of ammonium is ammonia, NH3, which is a strong base. " is it..... or what man
  9. X

    DACA (??) and dental school - immigration - applying to dental school

  10. C

    DAT oCHEM is killing me

    Seriously I have watched chads ochem and been doing destroyer and at this point I feel like I'm just memorizing how things look and shapes and it doesn't feel right. i don't know any concept behind things that I'm doing. I'm thinking of re-watching all of chads? my test is in a month.. do i have...
  11. S

    Need some advice from military veterans who enlisted before applying

    Hello all, I will really appreciate if any veterans out there can give me some feedback on their military experiences. To begin with, I am a DACA recipient in CA (lived here since 2002) and graduated from UCLA last year with BS in Physiology. I planned on applying to medical schools this...
  12. 7

    DACA Applicants

    Any DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) applying in the 2017 cycle? I know there's a lot of difficulty with being DACA so please avoid posting discouraging things because I know what's at risk with admissions, $$, etc.... been through it and aware what's to come. Thanks. Just want to...
  13. C

    Clinic Laboratory Science/ Medical Technology

    I have looked around on SDN for any MLS applicants who are also pre-med, but a lot of the topics were a several years old and was wondering if there were other MLS student out there. My story: I am a daca student ( which means I was provided with a work permit that allowed me to work in the...
  14. J

    DACA Hopes

    Howdy, I have dreams going to medical school but as the title suggests, I am in fact an undocumented alien. Now, after some research upon the topic, I have discovered that the only medical school in Texas that accepts international students, which is what I would be classified under, is Baylor...
  15. J

    DACA Students and Medical School

    Howdy, I'm currently a freshman Biomedical Sciences major at A&M who dreams of going to medical school one day. I have all A's at the moment and am in a few organizations so I feel I'm not off to a bad start but I also never thought about how my legal status will affect my admission into med...