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    Is this OK?

    So two semesters ago, I took Bio and the Lab. I got a D in Bio and a C- in the Lab. I’m retaking the Bio right now and it’s going well. Is it worth retaking the lab? I know that a C is required for many different med schools and I’ll surely retake the course but would it be OK to retake it at a...
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    TAs in research

    Are the graduate students and TAs in research known to be a little rude? I’m working in a lab and feel a little patronized. I could just be super sensitive but I was wondering if that was known to happen. The TA I’m working with just seemed a little dry. Note, I am not complaining. I’m still...
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    Organic Chemistry Research?!

    Hello! I was wondering what everyone's thoughts were on Organic Chemistry Research? I may be doing Orgo research in the Spring and was wondering if you guys were familiar with it? What kind of stuff will I be doing? How is it? I'm really excited to be doing this and am really passionate about...
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    Possible D in Course

    Hello all. I went through a rough semester this semester with some personal family issues. I was wondering what my options would be with a possible D on my transcript? My GPA is obviously going to go down but am I mandated to undergo a post bacc now? Is it still possible?
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    More W' or what

    Currently doing horrible in Bio and Bio Lab. Highest I can get in Bio Lab is a C+ and that's if I get a perfect. Doing horrible in Bio right now. What should I do? Already have one W over the summer with Orgo. Going through some personal family issues. Advice? I wasn't gonna drop Bio Lab... Help?
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    Does a post-bacc or grad degree increase chances?

    So, I'm a freshman and looking to graduate early right now. I'll be class of 2019, though I was supposed to be 2020. So, I'm thinking if a post-bacc or a grad degree would be the best course of action? I don't want to apply to med school next year, so that's not an option. I had some...