dpt 2020

  1. A

    DPT Stats.. What do you think?

    Hello guys I would like to share my stats and let me know what do you think about my chances to get accepted for DPT school. I am goint to apply to schools that require GRE’s. Male, Orginally from Cyprus, 24 years old Bachelor of Science: Athletic Training, GPA - 3.5 I am curently Certified...
  2. I

    Help!! How to choose between schools

    So I need a little advice! I was accepted to a instate school and since it was my only option in Feb I accepted.. But I just got accepted to my dream school this week and I'm absolutely torn between the two. The state school is cheaper (75k compared to 130k) but I didn't get the greatest vibe...
  3. P

    UAB Wait list

    Hey y'all I was wondering if anyone knows the average number that UAB accepts from the wait list? I'm # 10 and was curious if that meant anything?
  4. marlifts

    Mt. St. Mary class 2020

    hey guys Im new here but im trying to look for other who got accepted to mount st mary in LA, California. couldnt find another thread. Im not sure what im suppose to do now that im accepted? am i suppose to be turning stuff in? also is there a fb page for this?
  5. M

    Accepting multiple DPT School Offers!

    Hi All, Have anyone decided to accept multiple DPT offers to, later on, attend the school that provides the best Financial Aid package? I understand that this can raise an ethical dilemma. The sooner I deny an offer, the sooner the school can contact a waitlist applicant. I got in two state...
  6. C

    FIU DPT class of 2020!

    Hi everyone! Who has been accepted and is going to FIU?! Thought it would be nice to start a thread :) I'm looking into a FB page but I don't know anyone else who's been accepted just yet .