1. G

    Anyone got into UNC or ECU dental with a low gpa (<3.4)?

    Any stories and advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  2. O

    UNC SOM vs. ECU Brody SOM

    A resident of NC and got accepted to both UNC SOM and ECU Brody SOM. Could use some help on deciding which to pick. I have listed my mental checklist of pros and cons for each: ECU: Positives 1) Financials: I got nominated for Brody Scholar so if I get it, I would get a tuition full ride there...
  3. E

    Program-Specific Info / Q's OT Cycle 2019-2020: ECU, VCU, WSSU, MUSC

    I'm starting a thread because I will be applying to OT schools this fall. I was hoping to receive advice from students who have gotten into these schools, their application experience, and perhaps their stats to compare to mine. I would like all the feedback that I can get because I'm scared...
  4. W


    So I applied in late August for the 2023 cycle to the following schools:
  5. J

    ECU (IS) vs. Maryland (OOS)

    Hello, I am an NC resident who is in the fortunate problem of picking between dental schools. Right now I am trying to decide between ECU and Maryland. I really loved both schools and I feel like both have pros and cons to going there. With ECU I love their mission to help underserved parts of...
  6. S

    Program-Specific Info / Q's MSOT @ ECU Acceptances/Regrets??

    Hey all, Has anyone heard from East Carolina University's MSOT program? I know their website says they will send out acceptances via email mid-late February, so we are in that window now. Im just impatient and was wondering if anyone has heard??
  7. C

    What are my chances for these two schools/advice

    I applied back in July and have gotten denials from Wake Forest, VCU, Tulane, and George Washington. My main focuses are UNC (doubtful) and Brody School of Medicine (ECU), and I have heard from neither. GPA: 3.609 Science: 3.4 (excluding nutrition courses and with C+ in Anatomy) MCAT: 499...
  8. I

    My Stats / DAT / Chance to Dental School

    Hey so I just wrote the DAT and I wanted to get you guys opinion on my application and where I stand on my chances on getting getting into dental school. DAT: 19AA, 18TS, 20GC, 20OG, 17BIO, 19RC, 18QR, 19PAT. GPA: 3.65 (Biomedical Engineering) Science GPA: 3.4 Shadowing: 200+ Volunteering...
  9. S

    Ecu vs Elon

    Does anyone know of any blatant pros or cons of either program? besides cost, are there anything to watch out for or things anyone really liked about either/both? I've been accepted to both and need to make a decision in two weeks, thanks!
  10. DPT28806

    Interview at ECU 1/8

    Is anyone else interviewing or has interviewed at East Carolina University? What did you like about the program/faculty? What did you not like? Any current students out there? I am going to interview this Friday, but there is not much about ECU on this site, and I wanted a little insight. Thanks...
  11. LetsGetPhysical

    North Carolina DPT interviews (UNC, Duke, Elon, ECU, WSSU)

    Hello All, I want to start a thread directed specifically towards communicating about interview offers and dates for the programs to which I have applied. UNC, Elon, Duke, ECU, and Winston-Salem State. Has anyone received interview invitations to any of these programs? Thank you!
  12. A

    Pediatric Residency Programs 2015

    Hi! I am currently in the midst of setting up interviews for pediatric residency programs. There are a few I am very interested in that haven't gotten back to me yet. I am planning on getting in touch with the program coordinators soon. I am wondering if anyone who has experience can provide...
  13. Possum737

    Applying really late... Any chance of acceptance?

    I have had some major plan setbacks and I have been unable to take the DAT or apply to dental school until recently. My AADSAS was submitted in mid-September. I just took my DAT today so that will be out soon. I am finishing my supplemental applications by Oct. 1st. Here are my stats: -3.49 GPA...