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  1. F

    Books for sale (discounted)

    Hey guys! I was planning on going for vet med in undergrad. and was super eager to start and one of those naively eager students who bought a bunch of books that now just sit on my dresser collecting dust while I’m studying to be an OT. I am hoping to sell them to a vet/vet student who could use...
  2. dyeraa

    For Sale MCAT Kaplan 2016 Books For Sale $80

    MCAT Kaplan Prep Books 2016 - Second Edition 3 of the books have some highlighted areas but they are like new! All 7 subjects including Quicksheets. -Behavioral Sciences -Biochemistry -Biology -General Chemistry -Organic Chemistry -Physics & Math -CARS Message me for info! Selling...
  3. M

    MCAT Books for Sale- TBR, EK and Kaplan

    Selling MCAT books that I no longer need! Some of them have minimal writing, but in great condition! Berkeley Review Books Gen chem 1&2 Physics 1&2 Bio 1&2 Ochem 1&2 Verbal Reasoning Kaplan MCAT Physics and Math Review 2017 ed Behavioral Sciences 2017 ed Biology 2017 ed Ochem 2017 ed...
  4. R

    For Sale Case Files Family Medicine, Fourth Edition, New

    Case Files Family Medicine, Fourth Edition. In like new condition, no marks or highlighting inside. $25 and free shipping
  5. R

    For Sale Kaplan USMLE Step 2 CK Obstetrics/Gynecology Lecture Notes 2018, Brand New

    Kaplan Medical USMLE Step 2 CK Obstetrics/Gynecology Lecture Notes 2018, Brand New. $40 and free shipping
  6. R

    For Sale Kaplan USMLE Step 2 CK Internal Medicine Lecture Notes 2018, Brand New

    Kaplan Medical USMLE Step 2 CK Internal Medicine Lecture Notes 2018, Brand New. $45 and free shipping
  7. R

    For Sale Kaplan USMLE Step 2 CK Surgery Lecture Notes 2018, Brand New

    Kaplan Medical USMLE Step 2 CK Surgery Lecture Notes 2018, Brand new. $25 and free shipping
  8. R

    For Sale Lange Pharmacology Flash Cards, Third Edition Brand New In Wrapping

    Lange Pharmacology Flash Cards 3rd Edition, brand new still in wrapping. $30 and free shipping
  9. R

    For Sale Brand New First Aid Cases for Step 1 Third Edition

    Brand new First Aid Cases for Step 1 the third edition for sale. No marks, in excellent condition. $40 including shipping.
  10. PCATPrepClass

    Dr. Collins 2020 PCAT Prep Program - $275 NEW

    The NEW Dr. Collins 2020 PCAT Self-Study has been fully updated and refined so you get the best PCAT study material available, with more passage-based test questions in the Chemistry and Biology practice tests, and additional practice exams for Quantitative. Get the fully revised, 2020 Dr...
  11. D

    For Sale Selling Lots of MCAT Books (EK, Berkley Review, and TPR)

    Hi everyone, I took the MCAT earlier this year. Grateful that I did well on the MCAT and never have to open these books again. But, looking at these books on my desk still gives me PTSD, so I'm selling them lol. I didn't do majority of the practice questions in the books so lots of...
  12. N

    Full PR MCAT set (x2) + Full EK MCAT set for sale

    Selling 2 full mcat book sets from Princeton Review (long story as to why I have 2) and a Full EK book set. All for the new MCAT. Selling at $100 per set.
  13. R

    Kaplan Oat materials for sale

    Hey everyone I'm selling the 2018 Kaplan OAT review book along with the flashcards. I also have an Organic Chemistry reagent guide PDF. If you're interested please PM me.
  14. N

    For Sale Berkeley Review, Princeton Review and Kaplan MCAT books for sale.

    Hello, I have various MCAT books and study prep for sale. Berkeley Review: ( Biology Part 1 &2, Chemistry part 1&2, and Physics part 1& 2) These are the new ones published in 2018. I only used them briefly so they are still in brand new condition. There are no markings or highlighting in these...
  15. noorotik20

    For Sale TBR set (minus CARS)

    I am selling The Berkeley Review (TBR) MCAT book set minus the Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills (CARS) book for $275 + shipping. This is TBR's most recent book set that was revised for the 2015 MCAT. The books are in great condition without any handwritten notes nor filled-out answers in...
  16. B

    Kaplan MCAT 2018-2019

    Mint condition, no highlighting or writing. Comes with quicksheets Looking for 100 shipped (or best offer). Can also do local pickup in Mass Can also send pics/timestamps if needed
  17. M

    Looking to buy/rent RX prep online access/test bank

    hi- looking to rent your access for online rx prep for 30 days. Once 30 days is up, you can change password and resell to someone who may need it after. Looking for fair price since I only need 4 weeks and already bought but my access is up (did not pass first attempt so wasn't planning on...
  18. S

    Step 1 Resources

    For medical students looking for Physiology by Costanzo for their first two years in preparation for Step 1, contact me. For those in anatomy looking for Netter's Coloring book, contact me.
  19. J

    For Sale Dr. Collins PCAT self-study (July 2016 update) $175 or best offer

    I took the January 2017 PCAT and scored in the 95th percentile using the Collins books. They have been spiral bound for convenience. There is some writing and highlighting from the previous owner, but as far as I can see, it is mostly pencil (some highlighter) and can be erased. Retails for $375...
  20. P

    For Sale ALL SOLD! EPPP Study Materials (AATBS 2017, PsychPrep 2016)

    I passed and would like to sell AATBS 2017 and PsychPrep 2016 materials. I want to get rid of the materials quick so make an offer for whatever interests you! AATBS comprehensive study volumes(2017). AATBS exam strategies(2017). AATBS-comprehensive audiofiles (2018). PsychPrep Study Binder...
  21. P

    For Sale 2018 ACCP BCPS study materials

    I purchased the newly released 2018 ACCP BCPS study material. If you are interested, PM me. I have the books, audio/video files, and powerpoint slides. Selling all materials for $150.
  22. TaffyTaffy

    For Sale PCAT Dr. Collins 2017 For Sale!!!

    I have the 2017 Dr. Collins for sale. $120 including shipping. Please email me at [email protected] if you're interested. I can send pictures if you'd like. Thanks.
  23. J

    MCAT Books for Sale! Need them gone ASAP! PM for prices!

    Examkrackers - Never used Examkrackers - older version used Kaplan TBR Verbal Reasoning - never used Princeton Review - Verbal Reasoning and Psychology/Sociology - both brand new never used Examkrackers Mini MCATs Examkrackers 1001 Questions - Physics, OG Chem, Gen Chem Examkrackers 101 Verbal...

    Barron's 2nd ed. and Kaplan 8th ed. for sale!

    Hey everyone, I have Barron's DAT prep 2nd edition and Kaplan DAT 8th edition for sale. Both are in very good condition because I did most of the work on separate notebooks. I am just trying to get rid of them so I can be really flexible with the price. I can also send you pictures of their...
  25. S

    For Sale UWorld step 1 Qbank $150

    I'm selling the rest of my UWorld Step 1 Qbank subscription. I have a full reset (so questions will be unused with fresh statistics) and 77 days left, expiring July 15th. My price is $150, which is about 50% off the original price (a 60-day subscription is $279 through the official UWorld site).
  26. manda4

    For Sale DAT Destroyer, MATH Destroyer, Organic Chemistry Odyssey, and Kaplan For Sale

    These materials helped me study for the DAT! Now I'm a D2 and I realized these books can help another student out there. Private message me for pricing. DAT Destroyer 2013 - great condition, no writing/highlighting MATH Destroyer 2013 - great condition, no writing/highlighting Organic Chemistry...
  27. N

    Pain Mangement/ASC For sale Arizona

    Well established, interventional pain practice with Medicare certified ASC in Verde Valley, AZ (Cottonwood/Sedona) since 1994. Complete turn key operation with all equipment including C-arm, RF, sterilizer, and ancillary equipment for SCS implants. Robust referral network (primary care...
  28. O

    Selling 2016 DAT Destroyer and Math Destroyer

    Used, but still in very good condition. Message me for more details :)
  29. T

    TBR 2015 Books for sale $150 OBO

    Selling General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry and Physics sets for $150 OBO. These books are still in brand new condition.
  30. T

    For Sale KAPLAN MCAT 3rd Edition,Full set. Accepting offers!!!

    Selling Kaplan 3rd edition full set. Accepting all offers.
  31. T

    TBR 2016 + EK 9th ed + Kaplan 2015 + TPRH + EK 101 VR + EK 1001 + NS

    Selling the whole MCAT 100 day book sets. You guys got shipping TBR 2016 edition (there's some writing but great condition) - SOLD EK 9th edition - $100 Kaplan 2015 - $60 TPRH (there's some writing. good condition) - $50 EK 101 VR - $20 EK 1001 - SOLD Next Step - Psych and Sociology 2015 (ISBN...
  32. P

    For Sale Selling TBR (2017), Kaplan, EK 101 Passages, Princeton Review, and Next Step

    I am selling the following materials: There are no markings in any of the books. All of them are in great condition except PR. Kaplan 2015 - 2016 set as well as MCAT 528 Book. Both the set and book $75 Princeton Review: I have the complete 7 book set as well as the CARS, In-Class Compendium...
  33. A

    For Sale DAT Study Materials (Used these and got accepted 12/01/2017!!!)

    I took my DAT in January 2017 and recently (12/01/17) was accepted into dental school. These are the materials I used to prepare for the exam and I highly recommend this study package to anyone who really wants to pass the DAT exam with high scores. Selling bundle for $250(USD). This bundle...
  34. bernas

    I need Nbde part 1 study materials

    Hi there, I really need some study materials for nbde part 1. I'd like to buy; 1. ASDA released questions (for recent years) 2. Dental decks (not copy, I need the original) 3. First aid book. Is there someone who will sell me these resources or recommend where can I buy from? I'll appreciate...
  35. bernas

    Wanted: Nbde part 1 study materials!!!

    Hi there, I really need some study materials for nbde part 1. I'd like to buy; 1. ASDA released questions (for recent years) 2. Dental decks (not copy, I need the original) 3. First aid book. Is there someone who will sell me these resources or recommend where can I buy from? I'll appreciate...
  36. C

    MCAT prep books for sale

    Selling my MCAT prep books! Lightly used, good condition. I’m located in San Diego. Willing to negotiate a great price -All subjects in Princeton Review (the most recent edition) + in class compendium & workbooks (10 books total) -All subjects in Kaplan (2015) + 2 lesson books, an extra...
  37. G

    FOR SALE: Destroyers, Kaplans, CliffsAP

    Hi everyone! Finally done studying and time to sell all my study materials. These were the best materials to ace the DAT. 2015 Math and DAT Destroyer 2015 Kaplan DAT with both practice tests unused 2009 Kaplan DAT 3rd Edition Cliffs AP Biology Insane amounts of Kaplan notecards for Biology...
  38. Krissy Kelly

    For Sale Kaplan MCAT Complete 7-Subject Book Set Brand New

    Selling a brand new set of Kaplan MCAT Books (Third-Edition) Asking $100 + Shipping Includes the Kaplan MCAT Biology Review, Biochemistry Review, Physics and Math Review, General Chemistry Review, Organic Chemistry Review, Behavioral Sciences Review, Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills...
  39. H

    SELLING PCAT MATERIALS Dr. Collins 2016 packets with 2017 updates

    HELLO, I just took my PCAT on September 7, 2017 and now I am selling my study materials. I have the Dr.Collins 2016 packets with the 2017 updates. I also used the Kaplan PCAT 2016-2017 book along with other study materials. Got a 84 composite on the PCAT. Email me if interested. [email protected]
  40. cam547

    TPRH Verbal WB 100 dollars

    Hi guys. I found the extra practice passages invaluable in my prep. I got it based of sn2eds MCAT schedule which served. There are lots of resources on her testifying to the utility of this book for practice. No marks / no answers written in. I kept it in like new condition. PM me if...