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  1. M

    Quality of Blueprint (formerly Next Step) Full Length Tests and Question Bank

    Hello all I would appreciate advice regarding the qualify of Blueprint (formerly Next Step) full length exams and question bank questions. Advice from Blueprint advisers as well as those who've used Blueprint materials would be very helpful.
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  3. P

    Full Length Exams

    What is a good number of full length exams to take? How many did you take and which ones? Kaplan? ADA? Were any of your full lengths DAT exams? How accurate are the Princeton OAT exams? Thanks!
  4. P

    Full Length OAT

    how many full length practice oat exams should you take before the actual?
  5. michelle7072

    Do Kaplan and TPR free FLs let you reivew errors?

    Taking the test on Sept 19 and have started doing some FLs. I have a couple free FLs from TPR and took one yesterday but couldn't figure out how to go back and review each question I did wrong, which is the whole point of taking FLs. Does anyone know if TPR free FLs even allow you to do this? I...
  6. T

    Kaplan Scores different than AAMC Scores

    So I've been prepping for the MCAT since first week of June. I finished content review in June and just have been doing practice tests, qpacks, and section bank up until now. I'm about a month away from my test date (Aug 31st) but, honestly, I'm not sure what's up with my Kaplan FLs: Kaplan #2...
  7. S

    AAMC Material Enough for Practice?

    Hey Everyone I have done the content part of the MCAT STUDYING and am now going towards the practice exams/question part. I was looking through AAMC Material and Noticed they have the: MCAT - Official MCAT Prep Bundle This bundle has: - Sample Test - Online Practice Questions - 3 full length...
  8. A

    How to get the most out of my kaplan class/FL schedule?

    I'm taking my exam august 9th. I think I have 3 weeks after my kaplan class ends before my test. With a kaplan class, everyone does the same work, but people get very different scores. How do I maximize what I'm putting in to get more out of it? Also, with kaplan i have about 12 kaplan full...
  9. F

    Should I take Sample or AAMC FL3?

    I test in 3 days and I only have one day off of research where I can take a full length. I've taken AAMC FL1 and 2 and I want to take another AAMC based exam tomorrow. Which did you find to be more beneficial/representative to take and review, the Sample or AAMC FL3?
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  11. A

    Now or Later?

  12. conradical

    504 on Diagnostic and First Full Length

    I took my diagnostic Kaplan about a month ago and was happy with the result (504), but assumed it was some sort of fluke. After a month of light studying (I'm still a full time student and haven't made enough time to study MCAT) I took my first full length and got a 504. I suppose my question...
  13. S

    Buying MCAT full lengths

    Hi all, I'm looking to purchase MCAT Full Lengths. I'm interested in NextStep and ExamCrackers. PM me if anyone has any for sale! Thank you!
  14. B

    Best source for Full length exams?

    I am in the process of taking full length exams weekly in preparation for exam day. i was wondering what the communities opinion on the best source for full length exams are. i have done the Next step free full length they give, and thought the exam seemed alright. to put in terms of video...
  15. I

    Should I retake the MCAT? 509

    I took the MCAT Sept 2, and got a score of 509. 126/127/127/129. 80th percentile overall. I know I scored right at the national average of people who were accepted into medical school. I am not super disappointed with my score, but I was not happy. I know I can do better. I took the two AAMC...
  16. Z

    Am I on track for the Jan MCAT?

    Hey all! So I'm currently studying for the MCAT and planning to take it on Jan 19. I started studying in October so its been about a month and a half in so far so I still haven't finished all the content yet. I've taken two TPR Full lengths, and scored a 498 on both of them (the last one was...
  17. K

    Am I ready for my DAT?

    Hello peeps, I know that no one can give me a definite for my DAT. I take it in a week. Here are my recent practice tests and scores over the last couple weeks. I took two of them about two months ago and scored low since I was just starting studying. I'm just looking for people with...
  18. G

    Next Step Full Length Inflation

    I have been taking Next Step exams and have scored NS1 503 NS2 503 (58% Correct Overall) However, I did really poor on one section (P/S 49% correct) and Next step gave me a 125 in that section. So how accurate are these scores? I had a friend take all 10 Next Step exams and average...
  19. M


    So here is where I stand so far on my full lengths: 1/20/2017 Kaplan FL 1: CP 124 - CARS 121 - BB 124 -PS 123 - total 492 2/6/2017 Kaplan FL 2: CP 126 - CARS 121 - BB 126 - PS 124 - total 497 2/27/2017 EK FL 1: CP 52% - CARS 32% - BB 40% - PS 63% 3/21/2017 Kaplan FL 3: CP 125 - CARS 123 - BB...
  20. M

    How to increase my score?

    So here is where I stand so far on my full lengths: 1/20/2017 Kaplan FL 1: CP 124 - CARS 121 - BB 124 -PS 123 - total 492 2/6/2017 Kaplan FL 2: CP 126 - CARS 121 - BB 126 - PS 124 - total 497 2/27/2017 EK FL 1: CP 52% - CARS 32% - BB 40% - PS 63% 3/21/2017 Kaplan FL 3: CP 125 - CARS 123 - BB...
  21. J

    Kaplan FLs same as my AAMC practice test scores????

    So I've been doing the Kaplan course the past couple of months and have gotten: 503, 505, 507 and 509 on my last FL tests. From the forums, everyone was saying that the AAMC practice test is sooo much easier than the Kaplan tests and that you should expect at least a 3 point increase. So going...
  22. M

    Next Step Full Length 1 - Bio/Biochem Q24

    I'm reviewing my FL 1, and I'm confused on Question 24 of the Bio/Biochem section. Q) A follow-up study by the researchers showed that the Y chromosome experiences a much higher mutation rate than the X chromosome. This is likely due to the fact that: A) the X chromosome encodes more proteins...
  23. M

    Kaplan Full Length Same Score on FL 2 and FL 3

    So I took Kaplan's FL 3 this week and I improved my CARS and psych/soc sections, but my chem/phys and bio/biochem dropped when compared to Kaplan's FL 2. I ended up with the same score on 2 and 3. Should I be concern about the section scores "flipping"? Anybody else experience this? Also, I'm...
  24. I'm ugly and I'm proud

    Altius FL 9 B/B Questions

    Could someone explain why the empirical formula for uracil is C2H2N2O2? I picked C because C2H2NO wasn't an answer choice. What was the point of multiplying 0.026 by 8? The question asked for the moles of citric acid (0.026), but I don't get why they multiplied the answer by the moles of...
  25. Orlandoc

    AAMC Scored FL 2 Psych...?

  26. Orlandoc

    Next Step FL 1-4 Scores / How to improve?

  27. G

    For Sale Selling Next Step FLs 1-10

    NextStep full length exams 1-10. 6/10 are untouched, others have most starts left. Expires Jan 11th, $90 obo. Message me! :) (I know I don't have much activity on this forum, but my username is also the same on the Reddit mcat forum if you want to authenticate my account.)
  28. B

    Anyone looking to buy NextStep FL 1-4?

    Will sell for a cheaper price than can be bought online! Message me.
  29. A

    Nextstep Full Length 2: C/P #25

    QUESTION What would be the approximate ratio of lactate to lactic acid in the final Lactated Ringer's solution after the initial preparation by student A? (Relevant passage information: pH of solution = 6.6, Kb lactate = 2.5 x 10^-11) a. 1:10 b. 1:1000 c. 100:1 d. 1000:1 <---correct answer...
  30. K

    Can i get a 504+?

    Hi guys! im taking my test in about a week and i really wanted to know if getting above a 504 is likely here! Ive been constantly reading that these practice tests are hard but i dont know how they would compare on the real test. Princeton FL: Demo Test: 497 Test 1: 498 Test 2: 497 EK: EK 1...
  31. Wingardium Leviosa

    Testing July 22- More content review or another full length?

    Hey everyone- I am planning on taking the MCAT July 22. While this is my first post, I have been a longtime lurker on SDN and found so much useful information here. So thanks :) A little about my background... I went about 75% through the content review February and March, but then got halted...
  32. A

    Practice Full Lengths - How many and how frequently?

    Currently I am still working on content review. I plan on being finished with this by the first week of July, which is when I'll begin doing practice full lengths and reviewing them until my test date (August 20th). How many full lengths did you take prior to the MCAT? And how frequently did...
  33. Asclepius293

    3 Weeks to MCAT. 499 Full Length :/

    Hey all, I have a little over 3 weeks until my MCAT. I took a Kaplan course for the last few months and have been self studying. However, I'm worried about my practice test scores. I got 499 on a Kaplan Diagnostic 497 on Kaplan Full Length 2 499 on Kaplan Full Length 1 (Took #1 after #2) I'm...
  34. Altius Premier Tutor

    Free (Giving away) Full Length MCAT-2015 Practice Exam

    Altius Test Prep is seeking feedback from SDN members regarding our Full Length MCAT-2015 practice exams. We sell a set of ten FL exams, but want to give you one at NO CHARGE, in exchange for your honest feedback. To access your free exam, please call our office at 435-671-5783 and mention...
  35. agileduck

    Uniform Circular Motion NS FL #2

    One of the questions on NextStepTestPrep's Full Length MCAT #2 Physical Sciences Section has got me stumped. It's about uniform circular motion, and in the explanation the formula they give doesn't make sense. As far as I know the formula should be v=2pir^2/T, but instead they have written...