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  1. S

    Post Bacc GPAs of acceptance??

    Hello! I am an undergraduate student at Emory University interested in applying to post bacc programs.. I am only interested in one year programs that have linkages available. Some of these programs include: -Goucher -Bryn Mawr -Tufts -Northwestern -UVA -Scripps -GW or Georgetown (if they...
  2. C

    3.28 cGPA (4.0 last two years) -- Medical School Options

    Hey Everyone, I estimate that by the time I finish my undergrad at my top 10 university, I will have about a 3.28 cGPA. I was wondering, given that my last two years were straight 4.0, what my options for medical schools would be? I had heard that some schools only look at your last two years...
  3. palumacella

    Do Carribean Med Schools care for GPA??

    Do Carribean med schools look heavily into gpa? I'm hearing a mix of yes and no. I know St. George's factors in gpa. I'm looking into St. Matthew's, Ross and AUA. I've seen little to no mention of gpa requirements on their websites, which is why I need clarification. Thanks.
  4. L

    Friend scored a 526 on the MCAT but has a 60% GPA. Will he get accepted somewhere?

    I received a 525 and have a uGPA of 3.89 and have multiple offers. My friend who has no intention of applying for medicine bet me ( as a joke ) he can score high enough on the MCAT and get still accepted to a refutable school with his low GPA. He is claiming that he has interviews from schools...
  5. I

    What are my chances? Low-ish GPA from top school?

    I haven't taken the grad school tests or graduated yet, but I'm wondering what I can hope for with good scores. I have around a 2.9 from Johns Hopkins University. With great test scores could I get into a good grad program or good post-bacc??
  6. I

    Pre-med post bacc admission Chances?

    Hi! I'm wondering on my chances of getting into a good post-bacc premed program. Specifically what role GPA plays in admission. I only took a few pre-med classes in college so I'd do one of the programs where you take the pre-med courses. Anyway, my GPA isn't the highest it's a bit above a...
  7. L

    MD Low GPA, what's realistic at this point?

    Hey everyone! I'm currently in my sophomore year of college (1st semester) and was looking for some advice. My grades so far have been less than stellar. Despite knowing that med school is where my heart is at, i've been finding it difficult to get good grades in most of my science courses (4.0...
  8. alealvarado

    GPA 2.88

    Hey guys!!
  9. P

    GPA Questions

    So I'm just looking for some answers but if I had a a year with a sub 3.0 GPA second year with a 2.66, will that disqualify me in any way. I had a 3.38 GPA first year and with summer courses I'm at 3.1 overall with a BCP of 3.3. I know I still have 2 years ahead of me and I could bring it up...
  10. Chef_Curry

    DO Chances at Mid/Low DO Medical Schools

    Hello everyone, today i need your constructive feedback about my application, its my first post on SDN. So here is my story: College: North Carolina State University ( Major: Biochemistry ) Age: 23 sGPA : 3.4-3.55 cGPA: 3.3-3.45 MCAT : Diagnostic 500 TPR PT #1 504 TPR PT #2 508 TPR PT # 3 505...
  11. basid85

    What are my chances??

    Hi everyone! I currently have a 3.1 science gpa and a 3.58 overall. I haven't taken my DAT yet, just wondering if I have any chance of getting into a New York dental school and what DAT score should I aim for? Thanks
  12. I

    Low GPA Options for Dental School - How To Get To My Dream

    I have a 2.8 sGPA and a 3.0 overall GPA. I am a senior about to graduate next semester and my goal is to become a dentist. I am taking the DAT this week and hope to score above my GPA relatively. I have wanted to be a dentist my whole life and I am really confused about what to do. Any advice...
  13. S

    Pro Optometry, Should I switch my major?

    Okay so here is my story. I am a Canadian student in my second year studying neuroscience at my University. So my optometrist is who convinced me that optometry would be a good field to get into and he is likewise Canadian but went to a school in the states. So this is my plan. The thing is my...
  14. F

    Can I get into Suny Optometry?

    I am a Biology Major. I am planning on taking the OATS soon. I have a 3.53 overall GPA and 3.2 Science GPA. I did a lot of shadowing this year. My weak point is that I have 3 C's in science classes (mistakes as a freshman and sophomore) but turned things around junior and senior year. Based on...
  15. L

    Non-traditional grad student..School fail to give me advice.

    I have always want to be a dentist since high school. So I went to college, intending to major in Biology. I wanted to graduate in 4 years so I instead, minor in Biology and major in general studies. This I think was a mistake. I graduated undergrad in 2013. My overall GPA was a mere 3.0 and I...
  16. fitdoc123

    CLASS OF 2020! All Optometry Schools

    Hi! Congrats to everyone who got accepted into optometry school!! In order to help others who are applying on their journey , if everyone could reply with the following info that be great!!! Also if you could include the timeline that way people can know about how long it takes 1. OAT...