1. insaiyan-premed

    Specialties of interest

    Could the experts elaborate on how difficult would it be to get into a Cards fellowship, Heme/Onc Fellowship, and a Radiology Residency as a DO student after this new Step 1 being P/F. I'm most likely going to end up in a DO school, and these specialties so far interest me the most. Thank you.
  2. P

    Struggling with which calculus to take as a pre-med, if at all???

    I am a 3rd year college student currently enrolled in the "hard/engineering" 5 credit calculus and geometry course at my university as opposed to the "easier" calculus for life sciences class. The reason I am taking the 5 credit calculus is because my concentration of "pre-med" within psychology...
  3. C

    Bit of a sticky situation... Should I switch colleges or stay where I am and adjust?

    Hello, all. I'm in a bit of a weird situation and seeking some advice. I was attending a very small state college while attending a technical college. One was for my undergraduate degree and one was to become a licensed EMT for clinical experience. The state college (3 weeks into classes) denied...
  4. B

    Sophomore Year Guidance & Inquiry

    In terms of clinical volunteering and research opportunities, I wanted to get some advice and ideas as to what/how medical background would benefit my credentials. I am a Rising 3rd-Semester Sophomore in College. My understanding is that most students in the process of applying to Medical...
  5. B

    so what exactly *is* a post-bacc?

    hello!! first time posting on here. I did a search but nothing really came up so sorry if this information is somewhere I haven't found. I'm currently a rising junior but after messing around with my degree audit, I realized that if I took out all the pre-med reqs I have left, I can graduate...
  6. bonbon89

    Nontraditional Student - Aiming for Ortho, Need Guidance

    Hey guys and gals, this is my first post on SDN but I've been lurking the forum for nearly 10 years now. Over that time period I've fallen off the path to medicine, worked in finance (mainly mortgage banking) and headed straight back to medicine after I realized that I don't care much for...
  7. kernel

    Need advice, ideas, and suggested timeline for self pity. Or maybe you went thru the same?

    Hi all, Here's another chronicle about how the NAVLE can crush some peoples' souls. Here's mine, and I'm still feeling so empty/shocked/utterly pathetic that I could really use and would appreciate everyone's insight, personal stories, comfort, reminders to buck the f*ck up, ideas for the next...
  8. F

    A call for help

    As of right now, I have completed my first semester of junior year, and have approximately a 2.35 uGPA. I have done the research and I know it's less than desirable. Undesirable. I have 1.5 years left of my "4 year", and realistically I have my work cut out for me if I want to bring up my GPA...
  9. S


    please ignore I posted in the wrong section
  10. G

    Research in undergrad?

    Hi, I am a sophomore (undergrad), and I am having problems finding research opportunities. Any advice on how to be involved with research as an undergrad so I can put it on my application to med school to show that I have been involved in research? Thanks.
  11. G

    volunteering question

    Hi, I am a sophomore in undergrad, and I am volunteering on a senate campaign (Republican in Alabama). I am wondering if this is something that would be good to put as volunteer experience on applications when I apply to med school in the future or not? Thanks.
  12. G


    Hi everyone, I have a question regarding undergrad grades. I am in the beginning of sophomore year now. Realistically speaking, if I made nothing but A's and B's throughout my 4yrs of college, how many B's could I make and still have a realistic chance of getting into MD (or even DO) school...
  13. G

    Questions about residency

    Hi everyone, I am still an undergrad student pursuing two MD schools as possibilities (two DO's as well). My questions are more about residencies, however. I am mostly interested in psychiatry and neurosurgery. I am wondering...how difficult is it to land a spot in a neurosurgery residency? How...
  14. G

    Any Advice or Guidance??

    Hi everyone, I am currently in the first semester in my sophomore year in undergrad. I attend a community college and plan to transfer to a 4yr after sophomore year. I was wondering if anyone had any advice or guidance on what I need to do to maximize my chances of getting into MD school. I plan...
  15. MedSchoolDreamzzz

    Need Advice and Guidance!!!

    Hello, Im a Freshman college student currently attending Austin Community College in Austin Texas! I'm Currently enrolled as a general studies major since community college's only have two year programs. Im really looking forward into Transferring to University of Texas at Austin next summer! Im...
  16. H

    Multiple Institutional Actions Question...freaking out

    I have 3 IA's on my record and I'm freaking out. I'm currently 25 and hoping to apply this cycle. My junior year (2013) of college I received an alcohol violation. I was drinking in a friends room getting ready for a sorority formal. She had requested that I didn't disposed of the (beer)...
  17. AJHook

    Suffering "Newbie". Real World Advice is Valued.

    Greetings all, For those who read, I'll attempt to make this as concise as possible. Brief rewind: I was a terrible student in high school. I had the worst habits imaginable. My inherent laziness and insistence on doing what I wanted when I wanted never served me academically. Despite being...
  18. 7

    Guidance on which schools to apply to.

  19. S

    Advice on Reapplication, Doing MD now, was MSTP applicant before

    Hello SDNers, Background: I've decided to apply MD this cycle, was MSTP in the past. Was waitlisted for WUSTL, Baylor, URochester, Emory, and UIC, but didn't get in previous cycle. I'm a little relieved though because I finished a masters during that application cycle and didn't see myself...
  20. D

    How to know if I should be a doctor? HELP

    Hello, I'm new here. I'm a junior in HS but my main problem is that I have little to no exposure to health fields where I live. No one in my family is even related to medicine, and in the country I live in (a country in Central America), "shadowing" doctors really isn't a thing. One does not...
  21. M

    Brainstorming the new PTCAS essay prompt, and I'm very lost!

    Hi all, I've been trying for the past few days to figure out the new essay prompt that was posted for this years cycle, and I don't think I understand what it's asking. The prompt is: "What is professionalism in the context of being a student in a doctor of physical therapist degree program?"...
  22. G

    General Admissions & OTCAS Need Advice

    Hi everyone, I'm hoping someone could understand my situation and provide advice. Due to a long history of financial hardship in my family, I can only apply to and realistically attend either the Kean University or Seton Hall University's Occupational Therapy programs in New Jersey. Because of...
  23. S

    i need some guidance in field of podiatry

    i am a MBBS dergree holder residing in Mauritius and I'm completing my internship to get my registration at the medical council of Mauritius itself. After that, I wish to specialize in podiatry. Do I have to start anew to become podiatrist or is it possible to specialize as DPM with background...
  24. D

    USMLE Failed step 1...In need of guidance...low qbank score and nbme

    Hi! I'm an IMG, and have been studying for step 1 for the past 6 months (I did kaplan lecture noted and videos first) and for the past 3 months I have been doing only Kaplan qbank + FA. My qbank average is 51% and I am almost done with the entire qbank. I did uwsa 1 about three months ago and...
  25. O

    Kinda having a mental breakdown right now. Need guidance please

    I'm applying this cycle and just got my GPA processed. BCP/Science/Non-Science/Total = 2.49/2.52/3.63/2.90 inc +-. In addition to being an average student, my science classes are abysmally low because I failed a class four times (I know, really stupid). I didn't think that it'd pull me down...