hpsp scholarship

  1. Dr. Anonymouss

    Match in the military

    I am strongly considering taking the HPSP scholarship, about 95% committed and I wanted to know if anyone had experience with the scholarship, their opinions on military medicine and more importantly the match. I was speaking with my recruiter and I told him how I am most interested in general...
  2. W

    How screwed am I?

    Hey guys, new here but I really need some anonymous advice. Just started my third year of medical school and am freaking out b/c I got a 224 on Step 1. Unfortunately my school is P/F the first two years (even though I was a standard deviation above on most tests, no one will ever know about it)...
  3. Maaricka

    Air Force HPSP application timeline

    Can someone walk me through what a normal application timeline looks like for MD vs DO schools (I hear DO is a little later)? And where in that timeline does HPSP fit? I've read to apply early, but what's considered early if you have to wait for an acceptance? I know this may seem like a...
  4. D

    Applying to more than one branch for HPSP

    I was told by a recruiter that I cannot apply to more than one branch at one time (I think she meant in the same month). For example, she is saying I could not apply for the October board for the Navy as well as the October Board for the Air Force. I was under the impression that someone could...
  5. P

    Army ROTC- decision help

    Hello! So I have read many preceding threads on this topic, but I have a different scenario I need some advice on. Also, some of the posts I read were pretty dated, so I want to make sure I have accurate information. Any input would be tremendously appreciated! A few weeks ago I was...
  6. W

    ARMY HPSP Status Late 2016

    Hello everyone. My friend has just been placed on the Order of Merit list for the ARMY AMEDD HPSP. Her recruiter has told her that this doesn't necessarily mean anything at this stage. It's not a guaranteed acceptance, not a decline; basically it's a waitlist. She was a competitive applicant for...
  7. R

    Navy HPSP Decisions: GMO Specifics, Residency Timeline Options, Army instead?

    Hello All, I know this topic is beaten to death on SDN, but I was accepted into a good state MD (allopathic) medical school. I am considering the HPSP scholarship with the Navy. I understand that financial motives alone are not sufficient enough to make it a logical choice, and the...
  8. S

    Army HPSP School Orders Question (DO/MPH)

    Hey I'm interested in a dual degree DO/MPH program at my school. The MPH classes would be taken during the summers of M0 and M1. However, I am an Army HPSP student, and I'm wondering whether the MPH classes during the M1 summer would qualify as "school orders" in order to satisfy the ADT...
  9. SonOfaMotherlessGoat

    HPSP and Space A (Available) Flights

    Have any HPSP participants out there had success in flying on Space A flights? Who did you get to sign your DD 1583 Form?
  10. Afualo12

    Navy Dental Clerkship

    I am a 3rd-year HPSP Naval dental student at USC. I have a 2-week break between this spring semester and the summer semester. I am interested in doing a clerkship at 1 of the dental bases that I could be stationed on when I graduate in April 2017. I'm thinking that I would like to go to a base...
  11. F

    Army HPSP - scholarship question and chances?

    Hello! I'm new to the forums, but I am wondering if someone can shed some light on the Army HPSP. Sometimes I feel like I'm not getting definitive answers to my questions from my recruiter. So, here are my questions: 1) How many Army HPSP scholarships are given out each year? 2) My recruiter...