1. H

    APPE rotations and chronic illness?

    Hey all. I'm a P3 and am getting ready to register for APPE rotations. I've noticed a lot of them are 10ish hour days, starting at 4/5AM, M-F. I have a documented chronic illness where a schedule like this can cause flare-ups. I'm fully aware that this is a requirement for graduation and I'm...
  2. doglova


  3. N

    Deferring a Year

    So I am in a bit of a predicament, and was wondering if anyone had any experience with this. I will be an OMS1 this upcoming fall; and have been accepted to 4 schools, and put a deposit on a few. But am considering asking for a deferral for a year due to medical reasons. I have been struggling...
  4. G

    Medical leave?

    Hi All, I've had a pretty miserable semester. I've missed most of my classes for the last ten weeks, because I developed pneumonia, among other health issues and complexities, followed by back to back viral infections. I was in the ER six or seven times. I've been running a low grade fever for...
  5. S

    explaining illness-related drop in grades in primary app?

    Hi All! I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice regarding my situation. During the first few years of my unergrad career, I underwent a serious illness that impacted my ability to perform in class. I didn't include this in my personal statement, because it honestly was not the most...
  6. P

    Recommender terminally ill

    Hey everyone, There are a number of schools that I am applying to that require a letter of recommendation from all previous PIs. One PI, who I was very close with and has already written me a great letter in the past, was recently diagnosed with a terminal illness. As a result of this, he will...
  7. Wahoo1125

    Prospective DO Student with Unusual Circumstances (What are my chances!?!?)

    Hello everyone! I am a third year student at the University of Virginia hoping to apply to a long list of DO schools next fall in my final undergrad year. I didn't do so hot my 1st year and had a gpa of 2.9. My 2nd year I had surgery on my brain and was out for the fall semester and returned in...
  8. OntheRoad93

    Diagnosed with Hypothyroidism -- Delay Step 1?

    Hi everyone, I'm an M2 with a couple weeks left before we start a 6 week dedicated period. I had been planning on taking Step 1 in late April, but this morning I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism after months of lethargy, memory problems, and complete lack of motivation. This has certainly...
  9. ckwsnik

    anyone else balancing a chronic illness and school?

    After being misdiagnosed for several years I finally have been diagnosed with Lyme disease and ankylosing spondylitis. I'm wondering if anyone else balances school and their illness? I'm finding it difficult to continue in school and even questioning my ability to be a dentist with this chronic...
  10. C

    Should I tell medical schools about a serious illness?

    So 3 years ago I was hospitalized for left side upper extremity ataxia, and left side facial paresthesia. The illnesses they investigated included cancer, MS, NMO, and neoplasms. All of my test results came back normal and all of my symptoms subsided. Then a couple months ago I had optic...
  11. N

    Student loan forgiveness for serious medical illness?

    I am an MS3. I was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis six months ago. I showed signs of it in my teens but no one put the pieces of the puzzle together until I started medical school and became much sicker. My pancreas has almost no exocrine function left, my lungs have cultured pseudomonas and...
  12. F

    Some Quick Questions - Seeking Advice

    Background: I attend an ivy league school (non HYP), where I'm majoring in biophysics. I took an intense schedule (both in # of courses and difficulty - almost exclusively upper division/graduate level) right from the beginning. I became very ill (viral infection -> activation of autoimmune...
  13. RabbitLove

    Should I give up while I still can?

    I have wanted to be a veterinarian for six years. My entire life has basically revolved around caring for animals. I have even gone as far as to foster over 70 animals in the past three years, work for an animal shelter, and even obtain the position of, "small animal coordinator". I am no...
  14. V

    I got in but halfway through applying my mom was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer.

    I was interviewed and got accepted to an out-of-state school, but my mom was given just 2 years to live by her oncologist. She already had the primary tumor removed, but there's secondary tumors that require chemo. She's the primary income-earner of my household and her treatments have left her...
  15. R

    Poor GPA, how can I redeem myself?

    I'm going into my senior year of undergrad. Currently my GPA is pretty measly. It's going to be 3.1-3.4 overall and 2.9-3.3 science by the time I'm done. It largely depends on if I can win a few grade appeals. I will be graduating with two degrees, one Biology BS, and one English BA as well as...
  16. C

    Personal Statement on struggles?

    Hello sdn! So I had a question. I have suffered from epilepsy since I was 13(i only had seizures max four times total in my life however since im on medication) which caused me to be going to the hospital a lot with MRIs and check ups and such. I was thinking about writing how this inspired me...
  17. P

    Chronic Illness and GPA Drop?

  18. OnlyIfICouldTurnBackTime

    Does this sound like an excuse?

    On the background section of ADEA AADSAS, they ask: "Has your education ever been interrupted or affected adversely for reasons other than deficiencies in conduct or academic performance?" I indeed suffered from serious illness over two months. I wrote: "During the Fall 2014 semester, I...
  19. K

    Special Circumstances for low gpa

    Hey everyone, I was wondering how much podiatry schools take into account special circumstances and if so how to include that into your application/personal statement. I will be applying to podiatry school in August so I would love to figure this information out as soon as possible. Some...
  20. R

    Getting back into school, can I somehow redeem my marks from three years ago?

    Hey, I was going to UBC for a little while, but I ended up getting an illness. Now because of this illness, my first two and a half years (I've finished 73 credits out of 120 for a BSc) there are terrible. I couldn't focus, and my average is 60. I know I have the ability to get into the high...